Bill Gates Is Investing "Billions" In The New Wave Of Nuclear Power

It isn't often Bill "Mr. I Know What's Best For The Entire World" Gates comes up with an idea that we aren't immediately skeptical of, but his recent pledge to promote next generation nuclear power sounds to us to be a common sense solution to multiple problems we'll be facing in coming years. 

Gates is pledging billions of dollars to promote nuclear through startup TerraPower LLC, wrote this week. And it looks like that number could grow. 

Gates recently told Bloomberg: "I put in over a billion, and I’ll put in billions more." notes that nuclear power is gaining global traction as a key player in decarbonization strategies. In addition to TerraPower, companies like Sam Altman-led Oklo are also focused on modernizing nuclear with small modular reactors. 

Advocates emphasize its immense clean energy potential, proven technology, and existing infrastructure. Although not renewable, nuclear energy emits zero carbon and could help meet global emissions targets.

As we have been noting for months, urgency for clean energy has intensified due to the tech sector, especially Artificial Intelligence, consuming massive amounts of energy. This surge in demand has reversed the trend, with developed countries now experiencing faster energy demand growth than developing nations.

The IT industry currently accounts for about 2% of global CO2 emissions, according to Science Alert in 2023. Gartner predicts the AI sector alone will consume 3.5% of global electricity by 2030 without significant changes.

In response, tech giants are seeking carbon-free energy sources, with many turning to nuclear power. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett's TerraPower aims to supply nuclear energy for Microsoft's AI needs and is developing safer, less controversial reactors using liquid sodium coolant, which reduces water usage and may recycle spent nuclear fuel, addressing hazardous waste concerns.

Recall, at the start of April, we penned a lengthy report for premium subs discussing why artificial intelligence data centers, the electrification of the economy, and onshoring trends will result in a major upgrade of the nation's power grid. We followed the note up on Monday with a report titled Everyone Is Piling Into The "Next AI Trade." 

In May, Larry Fink jumped on the trade: "I do believe to properly um build out AI. We're talking about trillions of dollars of investing. So data centers today could be as much as 200 megahertz - and they're now talking about data centers being one gigawatt. That powers a city."

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