Biden Campaign Claims Trump Said He Will "Throw Women With Beautiful Children In Mass Detention Camps"

The Biden campaign has used a deceptively edited clip from a speech Donald Trump made Saturday at Turning Point USA’s Detroit conference, claiming that he said he wants to “throw women with beautiful children in mass detention camps.”

Here is what the Biden campaign posted on X:

Firstly, he didn’t even say that.

Secondly, watch the full clip.

They edited out the beginning where Trump is specifically saying that leftists will twist him saying he’s going to incarcerate “terrorists” before deporting them, and instead claim that he’s doing it to women and children.

They just proved his point.

He then went on to describe some of the despicable actions of illegal immigrant gang member murderers.

The Biden camp doesn’t realise that people are not buying this crap anymore, that Trump is a dictatorial Third Reich loving racist who is going to round people up and put them in camps.

It’s utterly stupid and betrays how desperate they are.

Biden Campaign Claims Trump “Has Praised The Third Reich”

Authored by Steve Watson via, 

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