Alex Soros: ‘Trump Must Be Stripped of His Basic Human Rights – He’s a Convicted Felon Now’

George Soros’s son Alex has urged authorities to strip Donald Trump of his basic human rights, including his ability to run for President, following his conviction in the hush-money case this week.

In an unhinged post on Twitter on Friday, Alex Soros declared: “Democrats should refer to Trump as a convicted felon at every opportunity.”

“Repetition is the key to a successful message and we want people to wrestle with the notion of hiring a convicted felon for the most important job in the world!” reports: The Soros family are directly implicated in Donald Trump’s historic conviction, through Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. In 2021, George Soros appears to have channeled $1 million to Bragg’s election campaign via a left-wing PAC called Color of Change. Another Soros son, Jonathan, and his wife Jennifer each contributed $10,000 to Bragg’s campaign.

For years, George Soros has led a determined campaign, through his Open Society Foundations and other fronts, to support left-wing causes across the US. In 2016, Politico hailed him for his “quiet overhaul of the US justice system.”

According to Politico, Soros identified that a disproportionate effect could be achieved by supporting the election of radical district attorneys. In 2016 alone, he pumped $3 million into seven local elections for district attorney, “a sum that exceeds the total spent on the 2016 presidential campaign by all but a handful of rival super-donors.”

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