A New High-Rise Building Will House LA's Homeless In $600,000 Units

 A grand opening of Weingart Tower will have 278 units to shelter the homeless. Hooray!?

Image courtesy of ABC News, YouTube video and details below

ABC News reports New high-rise building to house homeless in $600K units in downtown Los Angeles

There are 278 units in the 19-story development known as the Weingart Tower. It’s intended to help people currently without shelter on Skid Row and it will be L.A.’s largest permanent support housing project.

The building will have an entire floor of offices for case workers, in addition to a list of impressive amenities: a gym, art room, music room, computer room and library.

Residents will enjoy six common balconies and a café.

It’s considered affordable housing, but the cost to build this type of project still adds up. Each unit costs nearly $600,000 and it’s being funded by taxpayers.

The $165 million project is receiving permanent financing from Proposition HHH, which voters overwhelmingly passed in 2016. The new tower is also receiving state housing funds and $56 million in state tax credits.

Several elected officials, including L.A. Mayor Karen Bass, attended a grand opening ceremony at for the building.

Building Tour

Beyond Insane Math

This is beyond insane. NBC news reports There are 75,518 people are homeless in the county, and 46,260 in the city of Los Angeles, an increase from the 69,144 in the county, and 41,980 the city from 2022 as of Jan 23, 2023.

$600,000 * 278 = $166,800,000. That’s $166.8 million. And that does not include free property taxes, case workers, maintenance, utilities, insurance, food, police, clothes, doormen, or medical care.

If the county were to shelter the 75,518 homeless, the cost would be $45,310,800,000. That’s $45.3 billion, again excluding free property taxes, case workers, maintenance, utilities, insurance, food, police, clothes, doormen, or medical care.

And it would not stop there. Every homeless person in the state would move their tent to LA to participate.

Affordable Housing

This dear woke fans is what’s known as “affordable housing”.

Taxes have to rise to accommodate such stupidity. It makes me angry just thinking about this. For what? Does the city think this will cure the homeless problem?

Most of these people are some combination of drug addicts, alcoholics, mentally unstable, and physically unfit to ever work. And even if they did work, they would not be living in $600,000 units.

California Proposes Restraining Orders to Stop Thieves

More and more headlines look as if they are from the Babylon Bee. Let’s discuss the latest idiocrasy from la-la land.

Governor Gavin Newsom courtesy of the Hoover Institute

On June 17,I commented Hoot of the Day: California Proposes Restraining Orders to Stop Thieves

What’s going on in California is beyond insane.

Also see Twenty Percent of California Lives in Poverty, What’s Going On?

Meanwhile, working people are struggling.

Angry Renters

Hard working people are struggling to make ends meet due to rising inflation. And here we are offering $600,000 “affordable” units plus free food, medical care, etc. to drug addicts.

For discussion of angry renters please see Why Angry Renters Will Decide the Election, Take II

Think of the poor, nearly broke worker who gets up every day in his tiny apartment and drives a long commute to work eight hours a day so that he can pay for free healthcare for illegal migrants and $600,000 units for the homeless.

Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk.com,

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