Who's Funding University Unrest?


The civil unrest playing out at America’s elite universities continues to headline the news.

And OpenTheBooks is here to follow the money.

Previously, our reporting broke down the massive taxpayer subsidy of America's elite universities.

This week, we continued to highlight it in national media.

We found that foreign countries also are providing immense subsidy of the U.S. university.

In fact, more than $44 billion in FOREIGN gifts have been disclosed under the Higher Education Reporting Act since 1986.

Here's what Mark Tapscott, at PJ Media noted:

"If you aren't already familiar with OpenTheBooks, you are missing one of the crown jewels of the transparency in government movement...

The facts are front and center, including the reality that the total amount in checks written by the U.S. Treasury and sent to these elite campuses exceeds the income the schools receive in tuition payments."

Here are some media highlights from the week: 

Yesterday FOX News aired segments of my interview across daytime programming including FOX & Friends and Varney & Co.

Economist Larry Kudlow at FOX Business showcased our oversight of the elite universities on the air and in his column.

My interview on The National Desk by Sinclair Broadcast, owners of nearly 200 ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX local stations across America, broke down all the numbers:


Here is just a sample of our findings: 

  • $10.3 billion given by Qatar ($5.2 billion), Saudi Arabia ($3 billion), United Arab Emeritus ($1.3 billion) and Kuwait ($800 million) dwarfed China who gave $2.8 billion.   
  • During the past 40 years $1 of every $4 of foreign gifts into U.S. colleges and universities flowed from these four countries.
  • Are these countries buying seats in our elite schools? Our auditors found millions of dollars in restricted gifts paying the tuition bills for their students.  

Columbia, Harvard, Yale and other elite universities are turning out graduates who believe that open antisemitism and the championing of terrorism are forms of "social justice."

Congress should convene hearings to preserve our top schools as unabashedly "American" institutions.

Via OpenTheBooks substack,

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