Ukraine Admits Frontlines In Kharkiv Are Collapsing

For the first time since Russia launched its major cross-border offensive into Ukraine's Kharkiv region (it began last Friday), Ukraine's government has acknowledged that Moscow forces have made rapid gains.

Oleg Sinegubov, the head of the military administration of the Kharkov Region, has said Russia is pushing past the frontline. "Essentially, the frontline is expanding as the enemy is advancing from multiple positions," he admitted during an interview with Sky News.

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Sinegubov blamed the delay in Western arms reaching frontline positions, explaining that "We feel it, and our soldiers on the battlefield feel it. We have been conducting a defensive operation for practically six months, awaiting new supplies. And, of course, the enemy outweighs us in armaments - not in quality but in quantity."

This assessment of Ukrainian lines collapsing in Kharkiv region is consistent with the latest Kremlin statements:

Russia's Defense Ministry said Sunday that its forces had captured four more villages in Ukraine's Kharkiv region as thousands of residents were evacuated amid Moscow's surprise ground offensive.

The ministry said its forces had "advanced deeply into the enemy defenses" and taken villages including Gatishche, Krasnoye, Morokhovets, and Oleinikovo.

Sky News has also highlighted the social media post of a Ukrainian soldier identified as Denys, who has lashed out at Ukrainian decision-makers regarding lack of vital fortifications in the region:

Denys, who is fighting to counter the latest offensive, said in a post on Facebook that he was speaking out because "we could die and no one will hear the truth".

He wrote: "The first line of fortifications and mines simply did not exist."

Describing what happened when Russian ground troops, backed by airstrikes and artillery, simply walked through the border area on Friday, he wrote: "The enemy freely entered the grey zone along the entire cordon line, which in principle should not have been grey!

"In two years, there should have been concrete fortifications... on the Ukrainian border!"

This confirms a prior Associated Press observation which stated that "Ukraine’s lack of adequate defensive lines has helped Russia make significant military gains, and constant enemy fire hinders building."

The aforementioned soldier cited by Sky News further had this to say:

"But if we had the weapons we should have - even if we had five or six self-propelled Howitzers [an artillery weapon] - it could have a big difference," the soldier said, asking to remain anonymous.

"Imagine those troops that were filmed going across the paddock being decimated by some 150mm or 120mm [rounds fired by] Howitzers. It would be been much nicer to watch than watching them walk into Ukraine - that's for sure."

As for the lack of fortifications, it is widely believed that last year Kiev was so optimistic about the chances of its counteroffensive that defensive outposts were not prioritized. In essence Ukrainian officials bought into their own propaganda, which was also being widely echoed in the West.

Recently, a deputy infantry commander fighting near Avdiivka explained that the defensive line needed to be built last year during Ukraine’s offensive. "There was an absence of responsibility. … People didn’t understand that fortifications can save your life if you do it in advance," he stated. "Many people thought we … wouldn’t need to prepare such lines. They didn’t expect a new Russian offensive."

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