Sky News: Assassination Attempt on Slovakian Leader Was ‘Entirely Justified’ Because He Spread ‘Dangerous Conspiracy Theories’

British broadcaster Sky News has declared that the assassination attempt on Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico was “entirely justified” due to his beliefs in “dangerous conspiracy theories.”

Fico was shot yesterday and severely injured by prominent far-left writer Juraq Cintula.

The Slovakian PM was known as one of the most fierce anti-globalist leaders in Europe. He had consistently called for an end to the war in Ukraine, and in recent months provided staunch opposition to the WHO Pandemic Treaty, playing a leading role in stopping the globalist organization from forcing through the legislation. 

Fico also angered the WEF when he ordered an investigation into the COVID-19 response and mRNA vaccine roll out. According to the mainstream media, this made the PM a “dangerous conspiracy theorist” who needed to be stopped by any means necessary.

British far-left outlet Sky News responded to the assassination attempt by labelling it as an act of justice:


Fico’s current condition is unknown.

Prime Minister Fico, a populist conservative and Trump-supporter, who immediately ended military aid to Ukraine when he was sworn in as Prime Minister. Fico is against mass immigration and rejected the WHO Global Pandemic Accord that would turn Slovakian control over to a corrupt international body.

Following his shooting today and as he was fighting for his life in a Slovakian hospital, a British Sky News commenter came close to justifying the assassination attempt against PM Robert Fico. Then he compared him to Prime Minister Victor Orban in Hungary.

“It’s not surprising this event took place… He’s become very pro-Russian.”

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