Russia and China now conducting 90% of financial settlement transactions in national currencies – once the new BRICS currency arrives, it’s GAME OVER for the U.S. dollar

The Federal Reserve Note (FRN), a piece of paper printed by private central bankers that is backed by absolutely nothing, is on the decline after Russia and China have near-successfully completed their transition to doing virtually all trade in rubles and yuan, the two countries' respective national currencies.

Reports indicate that upwards of 90 percent of all trade transactions between Russia and China are now being conducted in non-dollars, which is really bad news for the Western deep state and its global control matrix.

The parasites behind the so-called dollar, which is no longer the dollar it once was pre-1913, stripped our money of its value through fractional-reserve banking. FRNs are the equivalent of Monopoly money except a lot less fun and highly damaging to the world. The day FRNs disappear from global dominance is the day the world will be free, at least from private central bankers controlling every detail of their lives.

This past week, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, on whom he "heaped praise," to quote RT. Putin thanked Xi for working together with him to hone the two countries' trade partnership, which is fast becoming nothing short of miraculous.

Russia and China are booming

According to Putin, trade and really all relations between Russia and China right now are based on "the principles of mutual respect, good neighborliness and mutual benefit."

Despite the horrors of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) "pandemic," which was wrought by the West, Russia and China have still been able to work together to overcome the biological attack and everything it did to harm the non-West and keep it subdued.

Despite "some actions aimed at constraining our development," Putin said, referring to the Western aggressors who hate both his country and China, not only is business booming for trade between the two countries, but it is also steadily increasing.

"A powerful impetus to expand our trade flows was given by our timely joint decision to ensure that transactions are conducted in national currencies," Putin said. "As of today, 90 percent of all payments are made in rubles and yuan."

In 2023, trade turnover between Russia and China soared by nearly 25 percent, reaching $227 billion.

Putin made these and other remarks during a two-day visit to China, his first foreign trip since being inaugurated for his fifth term as Russia's president. Other line items at the meeting included talks about bilateral relations, economic cooperation and the international situation in general as the West roils everyone it can with more war.

Keep in mind that Russia has never, ever intentionally sought "dedollarization" as either a national or international economy. Instead, it is just happening all on its own, or what Putin himself described as an "inevitable" event that has to take place and that cannot be stopped.

When Ukraine decided to fight back rather than surrender what it stole starting in February 2022, the U.S. responded to the conflict by cutting off Russia's central bank from all dollar transactions. This was supposed to be a punishment by the West against Russia, but the outcome has been quite different.

If anything, everything the U.S. continues to do to try to punish Russia is only making Russia stronger. Meanwhile, Western hegemony and all the evils that have accompanied it for way too long is plunging faster than the U.S. stock market will once the corruption is finally rooted out of it.

FRNs will soon be worth no more than the value of the paper and ink they are printed on.

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