‘Rage Rituals’: Modern Feminism’s Logical Endpoint

In a hard-hitting human-interest story proffered by USA Today, Kimberly “Karen” Helmus and her comrades have reportedly taken a break from requesting to speak to the manager about the unacceptable level of foam in their handcrafted indigenous artisan lattes or whatever to break sticks in the forest as a tool of radical self-empowerment. 

Via USA Today (emphasis added):

“Kimberly Helmus still gets chills thinking about her first rage ritual.

Two-and-a-half years ago after her divorce, the cybersecurity engineer embarked on a retreat to Scotland with Mia Banducci − an author and self-described "Spiritual Fairy Godmother," better known online as Mia Magik.

As part of the retreat, Banducci held a rage ritual: a ceremony in which participants scream and beat large sticks on the ground in the woods. Participants are encouraged to think of people and experiences that have wronged them and to scream and swing the sticks for at least 20 minutes, or until they can no longer move their arms.

Rage rituals have garnered attention on TikTok, where they've resonated, particularly with women. In comments, women describe how moving it is to see other women embody their anger − an emotion experts say society often discourages women from expressing.”

The whole trope about bitter divorcee feminists gathering for a hate-fest of men was a running gag in Jerry Maguire; it’s a version of the act of dystopian darkness depicted in 1984 as the “Two Minutes Hate”; now it’s marketed as a sincere act of empowerment to be celebrated in corporate state media.

The nonstop jibber-jabber from the professional intersectional grievance industry regarding the phantom and uniquely oppressive Western Patriarchy™ has demonstrably worked to wreck women’s, and particularly liberal women’s, mental health.

Via Institute For Family Studies (emphasis added):

Liberals, especially liberal women, are significantly less likely to be happy with their lives and satisfied with their ‘mental health,’ compared to their conservative peers aged from 18-55. This is the big takeaway from the 2022 American Family Survey, a striking new poll from YouGov and the Deseret News, which found that liberals are about 15 percentage points less likely to be ‘completely satisfied’ with their lives.

The survey goes on to find that liberals are about 19 percentage points less likely to be ‘completely satisfied’ with their ‘mental health’ than conservatives. But the problem appears to be especially acute for liberal women, who register the lowest levels of satisfaction with their lives and mental health.”

I give it about three months before these pagan rites turn into full-fledged human sacrifices of whatever patriarchal object of rage draws the ire of the banshees who attend these things.

The constant demagoguing about sacred abortion rights coming out of the Brandon regime, headed by the Karamel-uh construct as the champion of the feminine, hasn’t helped sex relations either — which, let’s not be ambiguous on this point, is entirely the feature and not the bug. None of this is about women’s rights.

Via The White House (emphasis added):

“I’m Sarah Traxler.  I’m the Chief Medical Officer here at Planned Parenthood North Central States.  I’m a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist with a subspecialty in complex family planning, and I also have my masters of science in health policy.

I am a proud abortion provider.  And I’m honored that Vice President Kamala Harris has visited our clinic todayIt’s a historic moment and one that demonstrates how critically important access to reproductive healthcare is to people and their families across the country.

So, thank you so much —


DR. TRAXLER:  — for being here today.


DR. TRAXLER:  Thank you.”

In all sincerity, as an attempt at empathy, even though I’m not a woman and have disdain for feminist ideology generally, which I believe has eaten Western civilization from within, the “rage ritual” catching on would seem to indicate something has gone very wrong with our society, and all parties involved have suffered psychologically and spiritually, if you believe the latter exists. These ladies syncing their menses up in the woods while pretending tree branches are their ex-husbands are victims of a diseased society, not its perpetrators.

As any semblance of a functional social fabric continues to rip apart at the hands of multinational transhuman technocrats dedicated to re-inventing the world in their own image, we can only expect “rage rituals” and further division and degeneracy perhaps yet impossible to imagine.

(Article by Ben Bartee republished from Armageddon Prose)

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