‘Plandemic 2.0’: CDC Says Symptoms of Bird Flu Include ‘Having No Symptoms’

In an announcement that harks back the dark days of the Covid hoax, the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has claimed that one of the symptoms of H5N1 bird flu in humans is “having no symptoms.”

Are you prepared for the authorities to roll out draconian lockdowns, masks and mandatory vaccines to “protect” you from people who allegedly have bird flu even though they are not sick?

“Illness in humans from avian influenza virus infections have ranged in severity from no symptoms or mild illness to severe disease that resulted in death,” according to the updated CDC “Influenza (Flu)” page.

Anybody who is paying attention to the maneuvers of the elite would be forgiven for thinking we are experiencing our own Groundhog Day.

After all, the elite shut down the world to “protect” us from Covid, a virus they described as a terrifying “severe acute respiratory syndrome” with symptoms that include “no symptoms.”

Incredibly, in what the mainstream media is claiming is a “coincidence”, a Bill Gates-funded bird flu vaccine for the H5N1 strain has just entered trials.

Gates appears set to cash in on the crisis, publishing a statement on a global agreement to distribute the vaccine to developing nations.

The “philanthropist” who is on record promoting vaccines as his “best buys” that provide a twenty-to-one return on investment appears to have predicted the future with uncanny accuracy once again.

It really is Groundhog Day. 

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