mRNA Jabs Tied to 1,236% Rise in Deaths, Official Study Concludes

An official new study has confirmed that people who get the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine suffer a 1,235 percent increase in excess mortality.

The disturbing study was published on May 27 and adds to a growing body of evidence that confirms a link between mRNA jabs and premature deaths.

The study, conducted by doctors Nicolas Hulscher, Michael Cook, Raphael Stricker, and Peter McCullough, highlights a “strong ecological and temporal association between excess cardiopulmonary arrest mortality and the COVID-19 vaccination campaign, which resulted in high vaccination rates.” reports: The team found the number of cardiac arrests and deaths “increased more than expected coinciding with the rollout of the COVID-19 mass vaccination program,” in King County.

Washington public health officials were some of the staunchest supporters of mandatory vaccination as a pre-requisite to participate in many indoor and outdoor public events.

Dr. Jeff Duchin, Seattle and King County Local Health Officer, issued an order in 2021 mandating proof of vaccination for outdoor events with 500 people or more, indoor entertainment and recreational events, as well as restaurants and bars.

At the time the order was issued, more than 85 percent of King County residents had already received a first dose of the vaccine.

By 2023, as explained in the study, roughly 98 percent of the King County population had received at least one dose of the vaccine. The team discovered a strong increase in cardiac-related events, including deaths, post-vaccination.

“Our analysis revealed a 25.7 percent increase in total cardiopulmonary arrests and a 25.4 percent increase in cardiopulmonary arrest mortality from 2020 to 2023 in King County, WA,” the team wrote.

“Excess cardiopulmonary arrest deaths were estimated to have increased by 1,236 percent from 2020 to 2023, rising from 11 excess deaths in 2020 to 147 excess deaths in 2023,” the doctors explain. “A quadratic increase in excess cardiopulmonary arrest mortality was observed with higher COVID-19 vaccination rates.”

Extrapolating the King County data across the entire U.S., “49,240 excess fatal cardiopulmonary arrests from 2021-2023” are directly attributable to the Covid vaccines, according to the research team.

As of last week, King County public health officials were still recommending that all residents from ages six months and older should receive one dose of the updated 2023-24 COVID-19 vaccine.

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