Liberals Outraged After Trump Vows To Introduce Death Penalty for Pedophiles

Liberals have expressed outrage after Trump vowed to institute the death penalty for pedophiles in America once he is elected president in 2024. reports: He stated that while it “sounds horrible” to advocate for the death penalty, countries that don’t have a “drug problem” are “those that institute a very quick trial, death penalty sentence” for traffickers.

“You execute a drug dealer, and you’ll save 500 lives, because they kill on average 500 people,” Trump asserted at the time.

The article cites former Trump DOJ official Gene Hamilton, noting that he previously advocated pursuing the death penalty for violent criminals, particularly those convicted of sexual abuse of children. 

Hamilton wrote that the DOJ “should also pursue the death penalty for applicable crimes—particularly heinous crimes involving violence and sexual abuse of children—until Congress says otherwise through legislation.”

By referring to past court decisions, the piece subtly argues that the death penalty for child rape “would violate constitutional protections against cruel and unusual punishment.”

It also negatively points to efforts in states such as Florida to expand the death penalty to such horrific crimes, before pointing out that Joe Biden has previously opposed execution entirely, but is currently remaining silent.

The article then points to multiple bills in the House and Senate that seek to abolish the death penalty for any crime.

Why is the left apparently triggered by the suggestion to extend the death penalty to make it an option for convicted violent child rapists?

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