Hundreds of Citizens Rescue Canadian Man From Being Euthanized for ‘Being Too Poor’

Hundreds of citizens have stepped in and halted attempts by the Trudeau regime to euthanize a Canadian man who was deemed “too poor” by the State and put on Canada’s MAID (medical assistance in dying) program.

Amir Farsoud, a Canadian, faced mounting debts and suffered from severe back pain. He was pressured to agree to be euthanized in order to lessen the burden on the state.  

Farsoud, says he felt coerced into being killed due to the prospect of being homeless as a result of Canada’s social services’ failure to help him.

He was scheduled to be executed this month after receiving one of the two doctor signatures needed to be accepted by the MAID program.

However, due to his situation receiving media attention in Canada, an anonymous person started a GoFundMe page in his honor. This allowed him to raise over $60,000, which allowed Farsoud to get new housing and escape the euthanazia program. reports: Farsoud said that ending his own life wasn’t his preferred course of action when he was seeking euthanasia. He told City News, “I don’t want to die but I don’t want to be homeless more than I don’t want to die. It’s not my first choice.” He relies on social services to support him, but the amount he receives is so inadequate that he only has $7 per day for food and almost nothing for rent. He made the decision to apply for MAID after his rooming house, which he shares with two other people, was put up for sale.

The 54-year-old claimed he would probably die on the streets anyhow due to his awful chronic back pain, so he decided to choose the simple route to death. “I know, in my present health condition, I wouldn’t survive it anyway. It wouldn’t be at all dignified waiting, so if that becomes my two options, it’s pretty much a no-brainer,” he said.

Farsoud’s back pain started a few years ago when an accident left him unable to lead a normal life. The daily grind, in his words, was “awful, non-existent and terrible. I do nothing other than manage pain.” He claimed that despite his suffering, he wouldn’t “even be close to it yet” to consider euthanasia if he had a reliable and affordable place to live.

Farsoud’s life was fortunately saved after his story garnered attention and a woman by the name of Effie C created a GoFundMe for him. The $60,000 was sufficient to buy him a roof over his head and convince him to not end his life. “I’m a different person. The first time we spoke, I had nothing but darkness, misery, stress and hopelessness. Now I have all the opposite of those things,” Farsoud stated.

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