Germany’s AfD party just lost a major court case that makes it legally vulnerable to mass surveillance by spy agencies

Freedom is fast disappearing in Germany where a high court judge just ruled that the Alternative for Germany (AfD) political party constitutes a "suspected case" of so-called right-wing extremism.

As long as AfD is considered to be an invalid entity despite widespread popularity among the German people, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), Germany's most powerful domestic intelligence agency, is free to persecute AfD through surveillance and other forms of assault.

BfV now has free rein to treat AfD members as terrorists without normal rights. Germany's deep state can now leverage its powerful surveillance technologies against the party, including by reading private emails, viewing private browsing histories and actively monitoring both emails and chats.

Much like what our own deep state intelligence apparatus does here in the U.S. – in direct violation the Constitution, by the way – BfV also plans to spy on and surveil anyone associated with or even just believed to be associated with AfD, except over there it is considered legal to do this.

At least for now in the U.S., those spying on and surveilling people without probable cause or reasonable suspicion are doing so in violation of the law, even if they are never held accountable for it. In Germany, however, it sounds like tyranny is actually being legalized – unless, of course, the German people rise up and fight against it.

Save your country, Germans

Christian Democratic Union (CDU) member Thomas Haldenwang is rabidly anti-AfD, which makes sense since CDU is a rival party of AfD. Is this type of ruthless rivalry really something that the average German person supports?

If BfV is allowed to steamroll AfD, you can bet that it will go after other parties in the future, including CDU. It starts with one and eventually snowballs into total tyranny, so beware Germany.

According to the courts, there is "sufficient factual evidence" to suggest that "AfD is pursuing efforts that are directed against the human dignity of certain groups of people and against the principle of democracy." This, the courts say, serves as enough justification to basically oppress the party and keep it from gaining any power.

"There is a well-founded suspicion that it corresponds to the political objectives of at least a significant part of the AfD to only grant German citizens with a migration background a legally devalued status," the court argued.

"This constitutes discrimination based on descent that is inadmissible under the Basic Law and is incompatible with the guarantee of human dignity."

Other rival parties besides just CDU are also celebrating the ruling against AfD, including Social Democrats (SPD) member and federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeaer who said that persecuting and oppressing AfD is all about "protecting democracy."

"Our constitutional state has instruments that protect our democracy from threats from within," Faeaer said. "Exactly these instruments are also used – and have now been confirmed again by an independent court."

Domestic intelligence agencies like BfV have "a clear legal mandate to take action against extremism and protect our democracy," Faeaer continued. "It works independently."

AfD has vowed to appeal the court case, which could end up in Germany's very-top court, the Constitutional Court. Gerald Buck, the judge presiding over the case, has thus far blocked an astounding 470 attempts to introduce evidence into the case on the party's behalf, which shows where his allegiances lie.

"The judge claimed the evidence the AfD was attempting to introduce was irrelevant to the case or would reveal the investigation methods utilized by the Office of the Protection of the Constitution (BfV)," reported

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