German Left Party demands ban on AfD and Junge Alternative

Berlin - The leadership of the Left Party has come out in favor of banning the AfD and its youth wing, Junge Alternative (JA). Calling the AfD a "threat to democracy," Left Party leaders Janine Wissler and Martin Schirdewan said they would quickly explore legal options to ban the party. They argue that JA, which they characterize as a hub for right-wing extremists and fascists, should be the primary target of the ban.

The timing of this demand, on May 8, the anniversary of the end of World War II, is deliberate. The Left Party sees this date not only as a commemoration, but also as a stark reminder that fascism remains a threat. According to the Left Party, AfD members have openly espoused SA slogans, fueled racist prejudices and incited violence against political opponents and minority groups.

Left Party accuses AfD of inciting violence

The current attacks on campaign workers show how much the AfD has poisoned the political climate. "Gauland's announcement 'We will hunt them down' is followed by more and more right-wing violence," the Left Party said in the letter.

In addition, the party, led by Wissler and Schirdewan, demands that "May 8 be declared a nationwide statutory memorial and public holiday. The individual states should "follow the example of Berlin" and "at least make the 80th anniversary a public holiday in 2025. In this way, the day will remain a reminder of "where fascism, racism and anti-Semitism lead - directly to war and destruction. 

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