German Evangelical Church wants to kick out AfD voters

Berlin - The "Evangelische Werk für Diakonie" wants to terminate the employment contract of anyone who votes for the AfD out of conviction. This was announced by Diakonie president Rüdiger Schuch to the Funke newspaper. Note that this doesn't apply to members, but to voters of the party. According to its own figures, the Diakonie employs 627,349 full-time staff throughout Germany. In addition, there are 700,000 volunteers.

"Anyone who votes for the AfD out of conviction cannot work in the Diakonie," Schuch explained. He also denied that the voters were Christians: "Basically, these people can no longer consider themselves part of the church, because the inhumane worldview of the AfD contradicts the Christian view of humanity." Recently, the Diakonie in Berlin evicted senior citizens from a home for migrants.

Diakonie: We practice charity

The goal is to dissuade AfD sympathizers among employees from voting, Schuch said: "But if that doesn't change anything, there will have to be consequences under labor law." He added: "Anyone who supports the AfD will have to go."

On its website, Diakonie writes about itself: "We see our mission as charity in action." Schuch, 55, took over as president earlier this year. The Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) unanimously approved the personnel decision.

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