Emergency Blackouts Introduced Across Ukraine As Temperatures Dip

Following several weeks of stepped-up Russian aerial attacks which have pummeled Ukraine's energy and electrical grid, state power operator Ukrenergo on Tuesday announced that rolling emergency blackouts have gone into effect across the country.

It comes amid a drop in temperatures which has served to further strain the grid. "From 21:00 to 24:00 (1800-2100 GMT), Ukrenergo is forced to introduce controlled emergency shutdowns in all regions of Ukraine," it stated on Telegram.

"The reason for this is a significant shortage of electricity in the system as a result of Russian strikes and increased consumption due to a cold snap," Ukrenergo added. 

The Kiev region has for example seen the temperature drop into the 40s this week, and during the day has been in the 50s.

While likely there's been greater impact in harder hit parts of the war-ravaged country, especially in the east and south, the capital of Kiev saw at least 10% of households get disconnected Tuesday.

Reuters described that "Footage shared on social media from the western city of Lviv showed buildings in complete darkness in the city center and street lights switched off."

International report have further indicated blackouts hit Kharkiv and Donetsk and many other places, with predictions of increased disruptions throughout the late evening hours. Currently fighting is heaviest in these oblasts, and Russian forces are trying to establish a 10km deep buffer zone along the border in Kharkiv region.

The below video shows an area of Lviv in complete darkness as cars travel through the city center...

Authorities are scrambling to find any way possible to meet demand:

Ukraine plans record electricity imports from five European countries on Monday after reporting significant energy infrastructure damage from Russian strikes, the energy ministry said.

Imports are expected to rise to 19,484 megawatt hours (Mwh), beating the record of 18,649 Mwh at the end of March after the first wave of Russian attacks on Ukraine's energy sector.

Ukraine forces have been keeping up their cross-border mortar and drone attacks, especially targeting Russia's own energy depots and oil facilities. Putin has vowed to hit back, and Russian strikes on Ukrainian cities have increased over the last month.

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