Dutch Coalition Leader Warns Illegals Will Be Removed ‘By Force’

Geert Wilders’s Dutch Coalition government has pledged the strictest-ever’ migration policy in the Netherlands.

The conservative leader vowed to implement his country’s “strictest ever” asylum policy after he finally reached a coalition agreement to form a government.

He warned that illegals would be removed from the country ‘by force’ if neccessary, setting up a clash with leaders in Brussels even before it has taken office.

TGP reports: Wilders yesterday confirmed the completion of a coalition agreement after six months of negotiations following last year’s general election, in which he won a significant number of seats but short of a governing majority.

As a result, Wilders is pledging to bring in major immigration reforms that would prevent the ongoing invasion of the country’s borders.

MailOnline notes:

The Netherlands has today said it will opt out of European Union rules to bring in its ‘strictest-ever’ asylum policy following Geert Wilders’ shock election victory.

The newly agreed Dutch coalition government said the new policy will see people removed from the European country ‘by force’ – setting up a clash with leaders in Brussels even before it has taken office.

The 26-page coalition agreement emerged early Thursday after six months of gruelling talks between four parties following last years’ stunning election victory by Wilders, the long-time Euro-sceptic and leader of the far-right PVV party.

The parties said they would file a request to the European Commission for an opt-out on European asylum policy ‘as soon as possible.’ People without a valid residence permit will be deported ‘by force if necessary,’ said the report.

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