Bill Gates Launches Scheme To Chop Down America’s Forests To ‘Save the Planet’

Bill Gates has launched a scheme to chop down 70 million acres of forests in North America to “save the planet” because, according to Gates and his investors, trees are “spewing carbon into the air” and need to be buried under the ground to prevent them from polluting the atmosphere further.

Forbes was given the unenviable task of promoting Gates’ latest plan to destroy and capitalize on the natural world in the name of “climate change” in an article titled: ‘Chop Down Forests to Save the Planet? Maybe Not as Crazy as it Sounds’.  Spoiler: actually, it is as crazy as it sounds.

The Expose reports: At least Forbes was honest enough to highlight why the article was being published in its drop head: “Bill Gates and other investors are betting Kodama Systems can reduce carbon dioxide in the air by chopping down and burying trees. Now if only Uncle Sam would get on board with tax credits, too.”

The final sentence gives a clue to what this latest scam is all about – money.  Let’s see what the article has to say and how Forbes manipulates and outright lies to try to sell the idea that Gates and other investors are doing this for the good of the planet.

It’s not long into the article that Forbes links carbon to trading of carbon credits and carbon offsets:

Yes, the conventional idea is to plant trees to soak up carbon dioxide from the air and to then sell credits to corporations, private jet owners and others who need or want to offset their emissions.

But scientists say burying trees can reduce global warming as well – particularly if those trees would otherwise end up burning or decaying, spewing their stored carbon into the air. Chop Down Forests to Save the Planet? Maybe Not as Crazy as it Sounds, Forbes, 28 July 2023

Trees are “spewing” carbon into the air. Really?  It’s shameless propaganda.

Forbes may benefit from listening to Patrick Moore explain that the idea of CO2 being a pollutant is dangerous propaganda.  Or perhaps they can examine satellite imagery that demonstrates how CO2 as nature’s fertilizer has steadily been enriching Earth’s atmosphere.

And, should Forbes feel it necessary to fall back on the default “human-caused climate crisis” narrative, a study conducted on data from 1750 to 2018 will clarify things for him. 

The study estimated that the value of the atmospheric concentration of anthropogenic fossil-derived CO2 in 2018 was 46.84 ppm out of a total of 405.40 ppm.

Forbes then turned to wildfires to argue the case for Bill Gates and other investors chopping down millions of acres of trees:

California’s enormous 2020 wildfires drove home the risks to air, property and life posed by overgrown forests … To help address the problem, the U.S. Forest Service aims to thin out 70 million acres of western forests, mostly in California, over the next decade, extracting more than 1 billion tonnes of bone-dry biomass. Chop Down Forests to Save the Planet? Maybe Not as Crazy as it Sounds, Forbes, 28 July 2023

According to Roger Pielke, a professor in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Colorado, Canada’s wildfire trends show no increase in recent decades, wildfires used to be much more extensive in past centuries and wildfires are a part of the natural ecosystem.

Wildfires across the world that corporately funded media have enthusiastically publicised have been the result of man’s intervention – but not the human-caused climate change that corporate media supports.

The fires in Greece, Spain, Italy and the Amazon rainforest are most likely due to arson.  And regarding the recent fires in Hawaii – there are so many questions without honest answers concerning the destruction of Lahaina in Maui, that even people who normally trust the government are starting to wonder what has really happened there.

Forbes then attempts to justify burying wood in man-made vaults, which should be a nice little earner.  In fact, Yale Carbon Containment Lab (“CC Lab”), Kodama’s partner, is hoping to make a business out of “earthen vaults” or “biomass vaults.”

Can such a forest be cut down? It is beyond reason:

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