Why Wokeism Needs God

We have all come across wokeists, and a common theme among them is that many are violent atheists. So when I say that wokeists need God, my intent is not to make this article about religion for wokeists needing spirituality. In fact, wokeists are beyond hope, so no level of spirituality will do for them. So what do I mean with this? Let me explain.

Nowadays, wokeists commit all sorts of harm upon law-abiding citizens. They loot our cities, they steal our cars, they vandalize neighborhoods, they urinate in public, they groom our children for child molestation, etc… And what do we do in response? We pray, we complain, we make online posts, we want to debate them in the marketplace of ideas, etc… But one thing we do not do is to seek vengeance against wokeists, against those financing wokeism, and against the politicians/Judges/academics/government officials who enable these acts upon us. Why? Because we believe in God, Jesus, and the Ten Commandments. And what is key here is that wokeists know this, which is why they do what they do because they know that our God will not allow us to seek vengeance. Not too mention, violating God’s laws will result in eternal punishment in he!! for us, so for that reason, we obey God’s Commandments regardless of what they do.

But what if the wokeists someday were to prove without a doubt that there is no God nor Jesus? That God and Jesus are a fiction. That everything we believe is fake. Then what? We will be upset, but ultimately we will need to accept it. So we will discard our Bibles, and then we would have no reason to follow the Commandments; most notably, the Sixth Commandment. So then, there would be no more belief of an eternity of punishment, and that we will just be buried in the ground when it is out time to go. With this, we too become Godless people, we still though happen to believe in the 2nd Amendment, and then we would seek vengeance. So when wokesists attempt to commit any of the above acts (to include grooming our children for molestation [and those financing and enabling this]), let’s just say this will not turn out well for them.

That being said, wokeists know this, which is why wokeism needs God and Jesus to exist in our lives so they can keep us as tame as lamb regardless of what heinous acts they commit upon us and upon our underage children. But God and Jesus are real, and we do believe in and thus we live consistently with all of the Commandments.

 By John (the other John)

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