Whistleblower Quits NSPCC Charity Over ‘Trans Grooming’

A senior volunteer has revealed that she left the
National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) because the charity was pursuing an aggressive form of trans ideology.

Julia Marshall claims that the children’s charity has been ‘completely captured’ by Stonewall, the LGBT lobbying group, and had pressured schools into ask primary-age pupils their pronouns during assemblies

She told the Telegraph that after 30 years of volunteering with the children’s charity she had begun to notice gradual creep in policy which she claimed was tantamount to ‘grooming.’

The Mail Online reports: The 62-year-old claimed that she and other volunteers had been put under significant pressure to affirm children’s choices of gender and were ostracised for speaking out.

Former police officer Ms Marshall said that the new policies which sought to give gender questioning children more autonomy over their bodies was a ‘major red flag’ and significant safeguarding risk as well as contrary to the stated aims of the charity.

The NSPCC was set up over 130 years and had traditionally concerned itself with protecting children from forms of physical, social and mental abuse.

It was confirmed last week that following allegations, a compliance case was opened against the organisation by the Charity Commission.

Earlier this month, an eagerly-awaited review into the care of gender-questioning children in England and Wales tore apart current practices.

Dr Hilary Cass’s near 400-page report stated children have been let down by a lack of research on medical interventions like powerful puberty blockers and that guidelines for treating children who want to swap gender weren’t evidence-based.

Following the report’s publication, there has been significant backlash against gender ideology.

Last week, two Scottish health boards followed England to stop dishing out puberty blockers to youngsters after the Cass Review found that gender medicine is ‘built on shaky foundations’.

Following the report, Stonewall itself, which has been distanced by the government, announced announced that ‘many [of the] recommendations could make a positive impact’.

The comments were seized on by trans activists who accused Stonewall of betraying its supporters – with some even claiming the group had ‘blood on their hands’ for not denouncing the review.

Mother of three Ms Marshall has been a regular visitor to schools since 2012 through her role in the NSPCC and claimed that she spotted worrying signs of a creep in focus from as early as 2019.

In this instance, her supervisor in Hertfordshire had begun including her pronouns, ‘she/her’, in emails.

She told The Telegraph’s Planet Normal podcast: ‘I had a long conversation with her about it.

‘She said we’ve been told that it’s important to show inclusivity.’

n 2022, at a classroom event in Welwyn Garden City, Ms Marshall claimed the organisation had been completely consumed by the ideology. 

She said: ‘They had a whole session on pronouns and transgender children. 

‘I was astounded because we were talking about primary school children under 11.

‘I said ‘What on earth is going on?’ I really did feel like I was an alien.

‘Everyone was like ‘No this is a thing, this is happening, it’s normal’.

‘I said ‘How can you not see as a charity that this is a safeguarding risk?’.

‘The reaction was ‘Well you’re weird’.

‘I thought I can’t work for this charity any more. It’s been completely captured by Stonewall.’ 

In a statement, the NSPCC said they had no formal partnership with Stonewall but had engaged with them in the past.

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