Shocking Video Shows Man Engulfed In Flames Outside Trump Trial In NYC

A disturbing video has surfaced on X showing a man setting himself on fire outside the courthouse in Midtown Manhattan where former President Trump's trial is taking place. 

CNN is reporting:  

The man walked into the park across the street from the courthouse, throwing flyers into the air, a senior law enforcement official told CNN. He then pulled something out of a backpack — it was not immediately clear what the item was — and lit himself on fire, the official said. 

The media outlet continued: 

Investigators are now fanning out to collect the flyers the unknown man threw into the air, another senior law enforcement official.

The video is shocking. 

Why did a CNN reporter oddly declare that there was an active shooter? 

On X, Elon Musk asked: "Was he protesting against the trial or for it?" 

"It seems like Trump Derangement Syndrome is getting out of control," X account Planet Of Memes said. 

There is the possibility the man could be protesting the Israel-Hamas war as protests have flared up nationwide—still no official report on why the man decided to light himself on fire.  


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