Ramadan event on the market square in Hanau: Young girls dance with headscarves and show Islamist greetings

Hundreds of Muslims broke the fast together on the Hanau market square last Easter weekend... For around 20 years, a large joint breaking of the fast has been held there on the last weekend of the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan, organized by the “Islamic Association of Hanau”.

But there are currently several videos going around on social media from the Lent-breaking festival in Hanau, Hesse, which are causing a lot of discussion.

NIUS documents the footage. It shows little girls standing on stage with an imam. The girls - most of whom are still of primary school age, some of whom are also of preschool age - almost all wear the Islamic headscarf, the so-called hijab (Arabic for "curtain, veil, headscarf"), which covers the hair, neck and sometimes also the chest. One girl is wearing a long robe that reaches to the floor, most of them are wearing opaque tights. The audience smiles happily at the children - several spectators filmed the performance with their cell phone cameras.

As the girls dance and sing, they make a gesture known as the Islamist salute: the children hold up the extended index finger of their right hand.

The greeting is the so-called Tawheed sign in Islam, which is considered a gesture of faith (“There is no god but Allah”).

The same gesture is also used by Islamist extremists such as Salafists and the Islamic State (ISIS). When ISIS terrorists killed people, carried out beheadings and declared the caliphate, they gave this greeting again and again. The gesture has been known and feared worldwide since the horrors of the ISIS butchers. The Islamist behind the Berlin Breitscheidplatz attack, Anis Amri, also posed in front of a surveillance camera with his index finger outstretched shortly after his bloody act.

Source: NIUS

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