Power and Wokeism (Part III)

Written by John (the other John).

The third part in this series discusses the buffoons and wokeism. The buffoons are true-believers of wokeism whom disregard objective truths, and instead believe in fantasy and superstition. But how did these people get to be that way, and why are they useful?

Whether it is atheists or fake religious people, the buffoons not only reject rational thought, but they also oppose anything to do with Western tradition. As a starting point, they act as loyal disciples to a chosen person whom they believe has hidden wisdom that nobody else has, who allegedly happens to know the path to our salvation from our sins. Once that is established, the three (3) basic premises to this woke religion for true-believers are:

1. they must deny the existence of objective truths, and

2. they must believe in a fictional “my truth”, “your truth”, “our truth”, and

3. anyone raising objective truths must be condemned/canceled as being a heretic.

That being said, these buffoons live in an irrational dream world in which the spiritual pillars of “their truth” are that a person who has flawed logic and who makes bad life choices is evidence of that person’s own righteousness for being “oppressed” by the system (i.e., stupidity is a pillar). How this translates into public policy is that when in the real world some idiotic idea has foreseeable horrible outcomes (ex., welfare, defund the police, black supremacy, exposing children to perverted dudes in dresses, open borders), even then, these ideas are considered to being honorable/moral in the fantasy world because the only thing that matters is that they intended a different result from reality. So when there is a significant deviation between the mythical intention and the real life result, blame is not assigned to the lunatic who ignored reality, but rather blame is assigned to other people whose behaviour did not conform to the lunatics’ delusion of how things should be (ex., you should hand over your wallet or car to the thief instead of resisting; give your children to child molesters instead of resisting, etc…). In essence, for these buffoons, because “objective truths” are a mere fluid social construct power-play by straight white men to create identity disparities to oppress non-whites, everything must thus be deconstructed and rebuilt so to create their own equitable woke fantasy world.

Having said all this, the buffoons provide value to the billionaires because they too are foot-soldiers during riots and looting for Democrat anti-Trump causes, standing side-by-side with the barbarians while burning down buildings. The buffoons comprise a significant percent of Antifa rioters, who fulfill the role of the college educated “social justice warrior”.

So there lies the connection between the billionaires, the barbarians, and the buffoons.

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