Muslims Chant “Death to America!” on Al-Quds Day Protest in Dearborn, Michigan – VIDEO

On Al-Quds Day, on the last day of Ramadan, Muslim protesters chanted “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” in Dearborn, Michigan.

Radical Muslim activist Tarek Bazzi spoke to Muslims in Dearborn on Al-Quds Day on Friday.

Tarek Bazzi: We’ve been asked in the past, why are our protests on the international Day of Quds, why are they so anti-American? Why don’t we just focus more on Israel and not talk so much about America?
Gaza has shown the entire world why these protests are so anti-American. Because it’s the United States government that provides the funds for all of the atrocities that we just heard about.

This is why Imam Khomeini, who declared the International Day of Quds, this is why he would say to pour all of your chants and all of your shouts upon the head of America!

Dearborn Muslims: “Death to America! Death to America! Death to America!”

Tarek Bazzi: “Malcolm X said, and I quote, We live in one of the rottenest countries that has ever existed on this Earth! It’s not Genocide Joe that has to go. It’s the entire system that has to go. Any system that would allow such atrocities and such devilry to happen and would support it, such a system does not deserve to exist on God’s earth. And so when these fools ask us if Israel has the right to exist, the chant, “Death to Israel!” is the most logical chant that is shouted across the world today.

Muslim crowd: “Death to Israel! Death to Israel!…”

Muslim Cleric: Iman Khomeini recognized that Israel is an evil settler, colonial project. He realized it is a cancer, and he established this day, Israel, before this, brothers and sisters, was a sacred cow. Nobody could criticize Israel. Everybody was terrified of being anti-Semitic. Everybody was afraid of them. But now, the people of conscience, very openly, will criticize Israel. They recognize Israel for what it is. Israel is ISIS. Israel, they are Nazis. They are fascists. They are racist. The people of the world now know this.

Muslim crowd: “Free, free Palestine! Free, free Palestine!… From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free…”

This took place in Dearborn on Friday.

But, the FBI is focusing on targeting pro-life protesters and grandmothers who walked in the US Capitol with MAGA flags on January 6.

This is Joe Biden’s America.


(Article by Jim Hoft republished from TheGatewayPundit)

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