Malaysian Doctor Expresses Deep Regret for Vaccination Stance, Offers Profuse Apology for Past Advice During COVID-19 Pandemic

Dr. Syafiq Nordin, a well-known Malaysian medical practitioner with a significant following on social media, has issued a profound apology for his past endorsements of the Pfizer vaccine during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an emotional Facebook post, which gained attention after being highlighted by aussie17, a whistleblower from within the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Syafiq outlines his regret and issues an apology for his past advice during the vaccination campaign.

Here’s the translation to English:


1. In light of the recent news about Pfizer, a weakness in the industry in which I myself am involved has become apparent.

2. I feel a sadness within me, because before meeting Dr. Razin Jaafar, there were many mistakes in the medical advice I provided, especially related to COVID-19.

3. However, I am very grateful to him because now I am more open-eyed and more enlightened about health sciences, which honestly are more natural and resonate with my soul as a medical practitioner and as a Muslim.

4. During the past COVID era, it cannot be denied that it was difficult for health workers who worked tirelessly to provide the best healthcare, and even more challenging for the rest of the population facing lockdowns.

5. The administration of the vaccine at that time was seen as the best approach and the vaccine distribution program was quickly launched on a large scale.

6. I also participated, in my own capacity, in providing medical advice and obtaining ‘consent’ so that the vaccine could be administered.

7. As a medical practitioner, I also received the Pfizer vaccine 3 times.

8. Everything happened in a ‘touch & go’ manner, making it impossible for me to identify those to whom I had provided medical advice related to this issue.

9. With this, I would like to sincerely apologize for the mistakes I have made in the past years, especially to those who came to me during the mass distribution of the COVID vaccine.

10. Honestly, I do not have the capacity to help financially should complications arise.

11. However, I will try my best to provide more holistic medical advice, in line with the Restorative Science brought by Dr. Razin.

I apologize, a Citizen of Malaysia
Dr. Syafiq Nordin
Restorative Medicine

*** This apology is somewhat akin to Pfizer, easy to write, but for me, actually heavier to bear.
*** The picture refers to the Dunning-Kruger effect – referring to me being at the very bottom level at this time. (oh my goodness)”

 Below are some of the comments on his post:

“We are required to obey the authorities… it’s beyond our control, doc… as ordinary citizens who didn’t know anything at the time, when seeing the news about Pfizer, yeah, quite disappointed… let Allah judge what has happened in the hereafter… but for sure after this I will never ever get any vaccine…”

“I don’t understand how doctors and other health staff can be so confident about the vaccine and not validate the voices of people who report being affected by the vaccine. It’s utterly heartless and very disappointing. After all, there are healthy individuals who suddenly die a day after the vaccine. It’s obviously dangerous… I also don’t understand how religious people, whose father or family members are affected by the vaccine, can still think positively and are not as vocal in criticizing the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine as they were in encouraging it before. They also remain silent on all the abuses committed against those who reject the vaccine. I think that’s one of the reasons why people reject any advice from such doctors or religious figures.”

“Do you guys want to know something? When they want to vaccinate you with a thousand guarantees and promises, you believe them. Then they apologize, and you believe them again. After apologizing, they need to publish an article or research, right? There, you believe that article too. ahahaha. That’s the difference between you and us who didn’t get vaccinated. We see it from the perspective of a culling program and implementation of evil that must continue. You see it as a medical mistake.”

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