Local elections in Leipzig: Arabic CDU poster causes stir

The CDU wants to appeal to voters in Leipzig in Arabic. The CDU in Saxony has confirmed the authenticity of the posters. But why pander to migrants who don't understand German?

Leipzig - Arabic-language CDU election posters in Leipzig have attracted attention. The posters are "probably real", confirmed the press spokesman of the CDU Saxony, Paul Schäfer, when asked by the Junge Freiheit. The photos are not faked. On Sunday, the Green city councillor Jürgen Kasek pointed this out on X.

However, according to Schäfer, the motif had not been coordinated with the CDU's regional branch beforehand: "The district branches conduct their local election campaigns on their own. The poster hangs only on Eisenbahnstrasse, an Arab-dominated street in Leipzig. Translated into German, it reads: "Together we will make this district safe. For further questions, the CDU spokesman referred to the person in charge, Leipzig district chairman Andreas Nowak. He has not yet been available for questions.

CDU: "Target group-appropriate approach

On X, the campaign met with mixed reactions. Local Green politician Kasek complained: "A whole new level of mendacity." On other posters, the party calls for a "U-turn in migration policy". Right-wing users were mostly satirical in their comments. It is "Leipzig, but in Arabic".

According to Junge Freiheit, the CDU's youth organization, the Junge Union, is said to be in turmoil. Lucas Schopphoven, CDU candidate for the city council of Leipzig, defended the action. "If you want to address a target group on a problematic road for more safety, then gasping is exactly the right reaction," he wrote.

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