Lawmakers in San Francisco Want to Allow Residents to Sue Grocery Stores for Closing

 Credit: Greenberg Nation Twitter/Daily Mail

Stores throughout greater San Francisco have been closing for months. Major retailers have ditched the city, as well as pharmacies and grocery stores. All mainly due to crime and theft.

Now lawmakers in the city want to allow residents to sue grocery stores for closing.

This is completely backwards. The city could stop all of the theft tomorrow if they wanted to by simply enforcing the law. Then the stores wouldn’t close in the first place. But that would entail admitting that the left’s policies are wrong and don’t work, so they’re going after the stores.

The New York Post reports:

San Francisco lawmakers want to let city residents sue grocery stores that close

A pair of progressive San Francisco lawmakers are pushing a bill that would allow residents in the crime-ravaged city to sue grocery stores that close up shop if they don’t give six months’ notice.

The proposal by San Francisco Board of Supervisors members Dean Preston and Aaron Peskin would require business to either find a successor grocer or work out a plan with residents in the neighborhood to ensure the availability of supermarket options.

The Grocery Protection Act – which is based on a proposal the board approved in 1984 that was vetoed by then-San Francisco Mayor Dianne Feinstein — comes amid a rash of retail theft fueled by the city’s drug and homelessness crisis that has led to several business closures.

Whole Foods closed its Market Street location last year after there were 568 emergency calls lodged in a 13-month period due to incidents such as vagrants throwing food, yelling, fighting and attempting to defecate on the floor, according to the New York Times. At least 14 arrests were made at the location.

This video shows some of the major retailers who have left the city in recent months. It’s amazing that the city allowed this to happen.

The city is in a doom loop and things will get much worse before they get better.

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