Iraqi couple arrested in Bavaria are said to have tortured two Yazidi girls

The Federal Prosecutor General has an Iraqi couple arrested in Bavaria who are said to have been active for IS. The allegations against the Iraqis show the darkest human depths.

Regensburg - The Federal Prosecutor General has had two suspected Islamic State (IS) terrorists arrested in Regensburg and the Roth district, the authority announced on Wednesday. Those arrested are two Iraqis, a man and a woman.

The two suspects, Twana HS and Asia RA, were married according to Islamic law and, according to the authorities, were in Syria and Iraq “between October 2015 and December 2017,” where they are said to have been active for IS. From the end of 2015 they are said to have kept a then five-year-old girl as a slave and from October 2017 a then twelve-year-old girl. The two victims are members of the Yazidi religious minority.

Iraqis gave children as goods to IS terrorists

Twana HS is said to have raped both children several times, and his wife Asia RA is said to have prepared the room and put make-up on the girls. They are also said to have forced the girls to do housework and child care. Brutal physical violence is also said to have been the order of the day. Twana HS beat the then twelve-year-old with a broomstick, and Asia RA is said to have scalded the then five-year-old's hand with hot water.

Sometimes the children had to stand on one leg for half an hour. They were not allowed to practice their faith but had to follow Islamic prayers and rules. When the two IS terrorists left Syria in November 2017, they handed the girls over as slaves to other IS members, the Federal Prosecutor General is certain.

The Iraqi couple is accused of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and membership in a foreign terrorist organization.

Source: Junge Freiheit

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