Germany: Left-wing and right-wing extremists - who is more likely to be the victim of violence?

Fists also fly in political disputes between left and right. Left-wing extremists clearly dominate in the number of violent crimes committed against their opponents. The discrepancy was particularly pronounced in one year.

Berlin - Last year, left-wing extremists committed far more violent acts against their political opponents than right-wing extremists. A total of 249 violent crimes committed by left-wing extremists "against the right" were registered by the security services, according to an answer given by the federal government to a question by the AfD member of parliament Martin Hess and published by the daily Junge Freiheit. In contrast, 73 violent crimes were committed by right-wing extremists "against the left".

Source: German government.

This means that right-wing extremists were more than three times as likely to be victims of left-wing extremist violence than vice versa. Since 2019, this discrepancy has not changed much, with the exception of 2020. In that year, right-wing extremists were almost five times more likely to be victims of left-wing extremist violence than left-wing extremists. A total of 1,602 violent crimes 'against the right' and 447 'against the left' have been registered by the security services since 2019.

In addition, 14 left-wing extremists are currently believed to be in hiding. They include five women and nine men, most of whom are associated with Lina E.'s group. In addition, the security services are aware of nine threats and 75 relevant persons from the left-wing scene. Due to their good "network and personal relationships", the federal government assumes that the 14 people in hiding have a "significant radicalisation potential".

Hess: Fight left-wing extremists with determination

AfD interior policy expert Hess criticised the Junge Freiheit's prioritisation of the fight against extremism. "While the ideologically narrow-minded interior minister is setting completely wrong priorities by overemphasising right-wing extremism, she is ignoring the devastating security threat posed by left-wing extremism." The current situation was predictable. It could happen at any time to anyone who "arbitrarily declares left-wing extremists to be the enemy".

"The trivialisation of the dangers posed by left-wing extremism for ideological or party-political reasons must stop, and decisive and consistent action must finally be taken," the MEP demanded. Otherwise, internal security and democracy will be acutely threatened.

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