Germany: Baerbock is promoting naturalization in the Arab world

In Arabic, the German Foreign Office is drumming up support for people to become naturalized. But not in Germany, but abroad. The core of the advertising: New citizens can keep their old passport.

Berlin/Cairo - With a tweet on X, the federal government promoted its new turbo naturalization in the Arab world. Under a picture of two German passports, it also says in Arabic that the new citizens can keep their previous citizenship.

The fact that it only takes three years to become German is highlighted in the tweet published by the Regional Germany Center (RDZ) in Cairo (Egypt). The RDZ reports to the Foreign Office of Annalena Baerbock (Greens).

Turbo naturalization as a “realistic image of Germany”

The post comes from the Federal Chancellor's Minister of State, the Iraqi-born Integration Commissioner Reem Alabali-Radovan (SPD). It literally says: “Many have been waiting for this for decades, now it is finally in the legal gazette. The new citizenship law will apply from June 26, 2024 to everyone who wants to become German.” However, 33-year-old Alabali-Radovan does not want to explain herself and refers to Baerbock’s responsibility.

The Foreign Office justified the tweet in the Arab world to Bild by saying that it “contributes to a realistic image of Germany”. Politicians from the AfD and the Union see this as a further “pull factor for illegal immigration”. This would literally “lure” migrants to Germany.

The fact that “Germany” was spelled incorrectly (“Detshland” instead of Deutschland) on the passports shown was intentional, according to the Baerbock Ministry. This means the images are forgery-proof.

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