George Clooney Says It’s Time To Force-Jab Every Unvaccinated Person In America

The time has come to force-jab every unvaccinated person in the United States, according to Hollywood actor George Clooney who declared his support for “mandatory vaccines, period” during a red carpet interview.

Asked for his opinion regarding mandatory vaccines on film sets at the event in London, Clooney went further and declared that unvaccinated people should not have the right to medical freedom and it should be mandatory to get jabbed.

“I mean listen, I don’t care. To me it’s really simple,” said Clooney. “We can look out for one another and and take care of one another, or we cannot. It’s that simple.”

“All the people who want to talk about their independence and their freedom… You’re free to drink until you fall down the stairs, but you’re not free to drive,” said Clooney.

According to Clooney, the Covid mRNA vaccine roll-out has been “pretty successful” in comparison to the polio vaccine which he admits “actually ended up giving a bunch of kids polio and killing them because they weren’t filtering out the formaldehyde.” Watch:

Clooney’s Hollywood comrade Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of the most outspoken pro-vaccine advocates during the Covid-19 pandemic, regularly taking to social media to hurl insults at the unvaccinated.

According to Schwarzenegger, those who chose to exercise their constitutional right and refuse the jab were “schmucks” who could “go f*ck themselves.”

Three years after his social media campaign to coerce the world to get vaccinated, Schwarzenegger is suffering the same chronic heart problems afflicting many of his vaccinated and boosted peers.

Life comes at you fast.

During the latest episode of his podcast, Arnold’s Pump Club, the Terminator star admitted, “Last Monday, I had surgery to become a little bit more of a machine: I got a pacemaker.”

Despite the serious health issues that would have killed anyone who could not afford the kind of medical care reserved for Hollywood A-listers, Schwarzenegger assured everyone, “I’m doing great!

In that case, we would hate to see what not doing great looks like.

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