France: Girl dressed too western is beaten into a coma by Muslim teenagers

In France, a 14-year-old is brutally beaten by a group of teenagers. Now it is known: The crime was apparently planned for a long time. The girl was insulted as an “infidel” and “whore” at her school.

Montpellier - A 14-year-old girl was attacked by a group of teenagers in Montpellier, southern France, on Tuesday and beaten into a coma. According to the victim's mother, her daughter had previously been bullied at school because of her western clothing. “They called her a kafir (infidel) and a whore,” the woman told CNews television. The victim's family itself has a migrant background.

The attack is said to have been announced on social networks. "She was attacked because since last year there has been a student who has been agitating against my daughter and trying to invent things about her that she doesn't do," the regional newspaper Midi Libre quoted the mother as saying. In the days before the attack, a hashtag was said to have been started on the Internet under which people agreed to attack the girl.

On the day of the attack, a group of teenagers apparently gathered in front of Collège Arthur Rimbaud, the school the victim attended. “The class teacher called me yesterday to pick up my daughter after school and warned me that a crowd of young people had formed at the exit. I asked the school to keep her on the school grounds until I arrived. But they didn’t,” the mother reported.

The victim suffered several epileptic seizures
After the 14-year-old girl ventured outside, she was attacked by the group. Although the student managed to escape, she eventually collapsed in front of a post office. There she was cared for by firefighters. According to her mother, the girl suffered several epileptic seizures.

On Wednesday, the mother and other family members formed a human chain in front of the school premises. The school's principal, Sophie Béjean, spoke to the victim's relatives and, together with Emmanuel Macron's chief of staff Francois-Xavier Lauch, held a press conference condemning the violence.

The public prosecutor's office announced that several suspects had been arrested, including a 14-year-old classmate of the victim. “The investigation is continuing to identify the other accused, to determine the motive and the exact course of events,” the public prosecutor’s office announced.

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