Farage Demands Gov’t Release Full Migrant Crime Stats, Blames Tories for Importing ‘Mass Criminality’

Brexit leader Nigel Farage has called on the government to release full statistics on migrant crime as is done in countries like Denmark while maligning the Tories for opening the country up to “mass criminality” through its open-door immigration policies.

An analysis of figures published by the Danish government statistician (Danmarks Statistik) on the proportional criminal conviction rate of different nationalities between 2010 and 2021, was dominated by migrants from the Middle East and Africa, with migrants from Kuwait, Tunisia, Lebanon, Somalia, Jordan, Uganda, Morocco, Iraq, and Algeria topping the list. Comparatively, over 40 nationalities were more likely to commit crimes compared to their relative population size compared to native Danes.

Responding to the figures, Nigel Farage has demanded that the British government give a full accounting of immigration crime statistics. While the government does provide some details, it is currently refusing to release all data.

As previously reported, some leading figures have noted this very closed position of the British government compared to some European allies, who are much more open and allow their voters to make up their own minds depending on the facts, even when those facts sometimes make difficult reading. One such is Conservative MP Neil O’Brien, who became something of a whistleblower on the government hiding statistics he said are essential to informed debate on the migration issue.

He said that, for instance, while the Home Office collects data on the ethnicity of people arrested it refused to publish data by nationality. The Home Office also refuses to reveal the immigration status of prisoners, such as whether they entered the country illegally or if they are asylum seekers.

Mr Farage said on GB News on Monday: “When you allow illegals to come in and stay, the criminal gangs see richer pickings in our countries than where they come from, in some cases where they might get their hands cut off.

“We’ve opened the doors in Western Europe to mass criminality. Denmark are brave enough to publish the figures. Sweden prohibits by law the media even discussing the background or ethnicity of perpetrators of horrible, violent or sexual crimes. And in this country, everyone stays schtum. If you can’t get the figures, you don’t know the truth.”

The Brexit leader claimed that in large British cities like London, women no longer wear expensive jewellery for fear of being robbed by “bad guys” imported from other countries.

“I know that our critics will say we’re being racist. We’re not. There’s a reason I put this out. We’re just representing the facts; it is appalling,” he said.

Farage noted that many of the young male migrants flocking to Britain come from cultures were “women aren’t even second-class citizens” and where sexual exploitation and abuse against women is “mainstream”.

“And so we are prepared to allow British female citizens to suffer at the hands of these bad people that come from these countries. Not all bad people, from these countries, I reemphasize that point. We’d rather shut up and let native populations suffer than tell the truth,” he said.

“It can’t be discussed as it’s too awful, it’s too difficult and of course, it’s racist. Remember, anyone that discusses it is far right, and therefore evil and bad and wrong.”

The Brexit leader, and honorary president of the populist Reform UK party, suggested that one reason why the government may be reticent to fully publish the full details on the relationship between migration and crime would be that the “Conservatives poll ratings would tank even from the current low levels because they’ve allowed this to happen under 14 years of their tenure.”

Indeed, a survey conducted this month by Ipsos found that the British public are more dissatisfied with the government’s handling of immigration than at any point since prior to the Brexit referendum, with just 9 per cent saying that they are content with the government’s handling of the issue, compared to over two thirds who were dissatisfied. Despite the government’s claims of clamping down on illegal migration, more boat migrants have arrived on British shores so far this year than in any other up to this point

Source:  Breitbart

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