Diversity Hire Karine Jean-Pierre Nearly Diversity-Fired in Palace Coup: Report

Everyone’s favorite borderline-retarded DEI labradoodle, Karine Jean-Pierre — she who has singlehandedly done more than any one individual on Earth to highlight the unviability of the racial quota concept as a governing principle — nearly got the boot in a backstabbing palace coup.

Old Yeller was a beloved and loyal mascot, too. But we all know how that tragic story concluded.

Via New York Post (emphasis added):

Top aides to President Biden secretly hatched a plan this past fall to replace White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre by recruiting outside allies to nudge her out the door, The Post has learned.

Jean-Pierre, who made history in May 2022 by becoming the first black and first openly gay person to hold the position, had developed the exasperating habit of reading canned answers directly from a binder to reporters at her regular briefings — offering what her superiors viewed as a less-than-compelling pitch for the 81-year-old Biden as he readied his re-election campaign.

De facto White House communications chief Anita Dunn, 66, the wife of Biden personal attorney Bob Bauer, told colleagues she had decided to call in prominent Democrats to explain to Jean-Pierre, 49, that the time was ripe to move on, sources told The Post.

There were a number of people she asked to engage Karine,’ said one source who heard of the strategy directly from Dunn, whose role as senior adviser has been filled during the past three presidencies by Jared Kushner (Donald Trump), Valerie Jarrett (Barack Obama) and Karl Rove (George W. Bush).

The source also told The Post that Dunn had claimed White House chief of staff Jeff Zients knew about and supported the cloak-and-dagger scheme to push Jean-Pierre out of the West Wing.

There was an effort to have some outside folks who Karine knows and trusts talk to her about why leaving last fall would have made a lot of sense for her and her career,’ the source said, calling it an ‘effort to encourage her to move along.’”

My speculative belief is that the Brandon entity’s handlers must have realized what they had stepped in as soon as KJP’s more competent predecessor, Jen Psaki, left to cosplay as a newswoman at MSNBC state media, and they were left with KJP as the obvious heir to the throne with no real escape hatch, given their professed fidelity to Equity™.

It was impossible, then, at that very moment, they must have realized, to do anything to remedy the situation without incurring the wrath of the Social Justice™ Red Guard who would rain hellfire down on the White House if it fired a black lesbian immigrant lady, no matter how objectively terrible she is at her job — which is excruciatingly bad, like watching a toddler struggle through sounding out the words in a children’s book, even though it has lots of pictures and one-sentence paragraphs.

And when your demented boss fabricates nonsense tales regularly about his family member being eaten by cannibals, there’s really very little margin for incompetency in a government propagandist.

Karine represents the same essential dilemma the Democrat Party is in vis a vis the Karamel-uh entity; Brandon is well past his sell-by date, but replacing him with anyone other than the glass ceiling-shattering black lady would go over like a lead balloon with the base.

The only obvious solution, apparently confirmed through the above reporting, was to entice Karine to leave of her own volition by bribing her with promises of becoming chief DEI commissar at Walmart or Raytheon or whatever. 

I, for one, would be at a loss if KJP were let go.

The amount of material I and other domestic terrorist journalists have extracted out of the KJP shitshow is almost worth the cost of a crumbled Western civilization that she represents; it’s damn near a cottage industry.

(Article by Ben Bartee republished from Armageddon Prose)

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