‘Civil War’ Review: Ridiculously Dopey, Anti-Trump Snuff Film

A hundred minutes into writer, director Alex Garland’s Civil War, I was hit with a wild case of déjà vu. Since the movie wasn’t engaging, I had plenty of head space to explore this feeling. What is this? Where is this déjà vu coming from? Maybe it has nothing to do with the movie. Maybe this is how everyone feels after eating a bag of licorice purchased at Big Lots?  Listen To Story

Then it hit me.

This is the stupidest movie I’ve ever seen.

I mean, Civil War is dumb—as in first-draft dumb. Garland directed exactly one good movie — Ex Machina — followed by two flops. So, it’s beyond me that no one told him how much work his script still needed.

Anyway, so I’m sitting there wondering why Civil War felt so familiar, and then it hit me—Elysium! The dumb in Elysium (2013). Remember how all that dumb rained down like hailstones the size of car batteries? Oh, yes, I’d been here before—a sweaty, desperate, left-wing wankathon undermined by smug plot holes that scream: This will hit so many left-wing sweet spots, there’s no reason to bother with logic or reality.

First things first…

The entertainment media, filmmakers, and stars are all lying to you (big surprise). The idea Civil War is not partisan is nothing less than a cinematic-roofie slipped into a publicity campaign so the Beautiful People can sit back and laugh, knowing the opening minutes bend us Trumptards right over the seats. Civil War opens with the Evil White President with the Great Hair and Red Tie using this cadence to spread a lie: “Some are already calling it the greatest victory in the history of military campaigns.”

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