Bird Flu Pandemic Could Be ‘100 Times Worse Than Covid’ Scientists Warn

After bird flu was found cattle for the first time and one human diagnosis reported following contact with with an infected cow, experts are warning a pandemic “100 times worse” than COVID-19 could soon erupt.

Cattle from 13 herds in six different US states have already been diagnosed with the new bird flu strain, according to federal and state officials.

The White House says it is ‘monitoring the situation’.

Will this virus outbreak arrive in time to disrupt the US election?

The Mail Online reports: Speaking at a briefing, virus researchers said the H5N1 strain of bird flu may now be getting ‘dangerously close’ to triggering a pandemic.

Multiple cases of the infection in a variety of mammals, including cows, cats and, more recently, humans, are all raising the risk of the virus mutating to become more transmissible, they said.

But others attending the briefing said it was too early to panic because there were still too many unknowns about recent cases to warrant sounding the alarm.

A White House representative said today it was tracking bird flu in the US, adding: ‘We take the health and safety of the American people seriously.’


The panel was quickly convened off the heels of news that a dairy farm worker in Texas tested positive for the virus, alongside 12 herds of cows in six states and three cats also in Texas that subsequently died. 

Testing done on the worker showed the patient’s virus had already mutated to spread more easily — although the CDC said this mutation had been recorded before, that the risk was low and that there was no sign of human-to-human transmission.

The briefing was attended by bird flu researchers, doctors and officials from government agencies who were alarmed by the bird flu case in a human.

John Fulton, a pharmaceutical industry consultant for vaccines and founder of Canada-based pharmaceutical company BioNiagara, organized the meeting after receiving enquiries from the media.

Speaking at the briefing, Dr Suresh Kuchipudi, a bird flu researcher in Pittsburgh, warned: ‘This virus [has been] on the top of the pandemic list for many, many years and probably decades.

‘And now we are getting dangerously close to this virus potentially causing a pandemic.’

He added: ‘H5N1 viruses have already demonstrated several important features of a potential pandemic virus.

‘So these are, the virus is already globally distributed, and this virus particularly, that is often perceived as an avian virus, it can, and it has shown, the ability to infect a range of mammalian hosts including humans.

‘We are not really talking about a virus that is yet to make a jump, we are talking about a virus that is globally present, already infecting a range of mammals and is circulating.

‘So, therefore, in my view, I think this is a virus that has the greatest pandemic threat [that is] playing out in plain sight and is globally present.’

‘It is really high time that we are prepared.’

His concerns were echoed by Fulton, who warned the H5N1 strain of influenza A could trigger a worse pandemic than Covid.

He said: ‘This appears to be 100 times worse than Covid, or it could be if it mutates and maintains its high case fatality rate.

‘Once it’s mutated to infect humans, we can only hope that the [fatality rate] drops.’

As Infowars notes: We have a scenario strikingly similar to the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic, where the U.S. and Chinese governments were working together on avian flu gain-of-function research, which makes viruses more infectious for humans.

GOP Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky shared a screenshot of a February 2024 Daily Mail article with the headline, “REVEALED: US is collaborating with Chinese scientists to make bird flu strains more infectious and deadly as part of $1m project – despite fears similar tests unleashed Covid.”

“Where have we seen this before? U.S. collaborates with China to make bird flu more contagious and transmissible to mammals. bird flu now discovered in U.S. dairy cattle, transmitted to at least one human being. Knock it off already!” Massie wrote.

The article also made multiple connections between the U.S.-China bird flu research and the infamous Wuhan lab where COVID-19 originated.

“The main collaborators on the project are USDA Southeast Poultry Research Laboratory, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the University of Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute – a Wuhan lab partner,” Daily Mail wrote.

“Additionally, one of the researchers collaborating on the project is Wenju Liu, who is affiliated with the WIV – which is believed to have sparked the Covid pandemic – and a member of the board of a scientific journal, working with Zheng-Li Shi, who is known as the ‘bat lady’ for her extensive work on bat coronaviruses.”

Secretive U.S. bird flu research was also being done at the infamous American-run Ukraine biolabs, according to the Russian government as Infowars reported in May 2023.

The task force of the Russian Ministry of Defence together with officers of the Federal Security Service and Rosselkhoznadzor have confirmed the collection and certification of avian influenza virus strains with a high potential for epidemic spread and the ability to cross the species barrier, particularly the H5N8 strain, whose lethality in human transmission can reach 40%. Remember that 1% of new coronavirus infections result in death.

The Russian Ministry of Defense also claimed the Ukrainians tried to destroy the biolab in an effort to cover up the U.S. avian flu research.

“According to the employees who remained in the Reserve, the Ukrainian side offered them a large cash reward for removing or destroying the research results,” the ministry stated.

The World Health Organization warned of a potential bird flu outbreak back in February of 2023, and the U.S. started work on producing vaccines for both birds and humans.

It’s extremely bizarre that the potential outbreak is taking place during an election year (just like Covid) and that the establishment has already been steering people away from consuming cow meat and milk as well as chicken meat and eggs.

(Article by Niamh Harris republished from

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