Accountability, Blame, Reward, and Empathy: The non-Secret “Scientific” Formula

By John (the other John).

In a logical world, the standards for accountability, blame, reward, and empathy would be self-explanatory, which is to base it on an act(s) done by a specific person, and harm suffered by a specific person. So if a person does something bad, then he/she is to blame; and when someone does something good, then he/she deserves the accolades. This sounds too simple. But under wokeism, the tables get “turned upside down”. Let me explain.

With wokeism, the concepts of blame, reward, and empathy are not assigned based on a person’s actions, but rather they are calculated by the application of intersectional-metrics, in which the more intersectional a person is (ex. black, trans, illiterate, has STD’s, etc…) the more favourable they are; and the less/non intersectional a person is (ex., straight white Conservative Christian male), the more unfavourable they are. So if (for example) a black trans person commits a slew of crimes, then they are not judged to being “guilty”, but rather they are designated as a “victim” (oppressed), and thus worthy of affirmation and celebration. And if (for example) a straight white Conservative Christian male achieves high honours in academia or at work, then he is designated as being “guilty” (oppressor) due to some fictional privilege and as being “racist” for some act somebody else did hundreds of years ago.

Oh, I forgot to mention, the people who concocted these intersectional-analytics are the same people who apply them. So basically, facts must be ignored. These people make the rules AND they execute the rules AND they adjudicate the application of the rules; essentially, they are the legislature, the executive, and the judiciary. You see how this works? That is power!

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