Ukraine Caught Using American Chemical Weapons Against Russian Civilians

Ukraine is using American-made chemical weapons against Russian civilians and soldiers, according to Russian diplomat Vladimir Tarabrin.

Tarabrin is the Russian Ambassador to the Hague, Permanent Representative to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

During an interview for Russian newspaper Izvestia, Tarabrin declared the following:

During the special military operation, we registered cases of the Ukrainian armed forces using US-made chemical munitions.This happens because of a well-streamlined scheme for shipment of non-lethal chemical weapons, which violates Article 1 of the Chemical Weapons Convention.

“It is no secret that foreign mercenaries are present in Ukraine, various US private military corporations operate there, the Forward Observations Group from Nevada, in particular,” Tarabrin added. “They were spotted for the first time in December of 2021, when they carried out the overall coordination of delivery and stockpiling of hazardous substance reservoirs. Back then, four Ukrainian servicemen suffered serious chemical burns and poisoning during the unloading of 200-liter barrels.” reports: Per the diplomat, the Russian Defense Ministry tracks all of these cases. In his view, transparency is the antidote to these issues related to the US’s illegal use of chemical weapons in proxy conflicts like the one in Ukraine.

“I believe that the US and its accomplices can be stopped only by maximum transparency, the registering of concrete facts that would show that they facilitate shipments of directly ship these substances to Ukraine in violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention,” Tarabrin said.

The US is doing everything possible to stir things up in Ukraine. The fact of the matter is that these harebrained plots are merely prolonging the inevitable — Russia’s eventual victory in Ukraine. 

For the suffering in Ukraine to end, the US must stop subsidizing this war effort.

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