The West’s “vampire ball is over,” Putin warns – exploitation of world by Western elites coming to an END

The era of Western control over world affairs is coming to an end, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In an exclusive interview published by Rossiya 1 and RIA Novosti, Putin put Western "elites" on notice that they will no longer be allowed to exploit other nations and their peoples for power and resources.

The "golden billion," as Putin calls the Western elites, have grown accustomed to being able to "fill their bellies with human flesh and their pockets with money" – but no longer will they be "parasitizing" the peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America in particular with their evils.

"They must understand that the vampire ball is ending," Putin said about these demonic Western elites.

It turns out that the people groups of the world that have been getting raped and pillaged by Western elites for hundreds of years are now sharing in Russia's struggle for sovereignty, which is at the heart of the war in Ukraine.

These exploited peoples, Putin explained, share "their own aspirations for sovereignty and independent development" with Russia, while the West, which is losing the war in Ukraine, and thus world domination, falls into the abyss.

The West won't win this time

As the Western elites of whom Putin speaks slowly come to the realization that their reign of terror is ending, many are now desperately trying to "freeze the current situation" and preserve the "unjust state of affairs in international affairs."

Putin recognizes this tactic and says it will not work. In his keynote address to Russia's Federal Assembly last month, Putin blasted the West's "colonial habits" of "igniting national conflicts all over the world" in order to amass more power. These efforts will no longer work, he said.

"In place of Russia, they want a dependent, withering, dying space where they can do whatever they want," Putin said of the Western elites who are doing everything in their power right now to stall Russia's development and turn it into a dying state just like Ukraine.

In his recent interview, Putin expanding upon this by stating that many Western elites are so "blinded by their Russophobia" that they were "thrilled" to push Russia into launching its latest military offensive in Ukraine in order to end the war the West previously unleashed there in 2014.

"They were even happy, I think, because they believed that now they would finish us off using a barrage of sanctions, having practically declared a sanctions war against us, and with the help of Western weapons in the hands of Ukrainian nationalists," Putin explained.

The Russian people are so unified in their fight for sovereignty that the disunified and quite frankly dying West stands no chance at defeating Russia, no matter how the Western media and government apparatus tries to spin things.

"Those who are smarter," Putin said, have come to the realization that the West will not win against Russia, which is fighting for its economy, its people, and its survival in the face of ever-weakening Western aggression.

"Mr. Putin's talks carry a lot of valuable information," one commenter wrote about the history lesson Putin is giving the world that the West refuses to give. "It helps us understand Russia's past and present, and the changing world that we live in. Thank you, Mr. President."

"The self-serving western Zionist ghouls are experiencing the final death rattles of their crumbling empire," wrote another.

"As someone from the West, let me thank Mr. Putin for being the lone voice of sanity among a pit of vampires and vultures," said another. 

(Article by Ethan Huff republished from

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