The globalist plan to eliminate all farms: No more food, no more humans

Much of the world's farming community is still in the dark about the globalist plot to take over their land and render it desolate, all in the name of going "net zero" for the climate.

As explained by author Dr. Vernon Coleman, nothing about the climate change and global warming agenda is accidental or random. It was thoroughly planed for such a time as this, the end game being the destruction of farming and the implementation of synthetic "food."

The greenies, as many often call them, are no longer beating around the bush when it comes to their true agenda. Many of them state flat-out and in public that if the world's farms cannot be "sustainable," as defined by the globalists, then they have to go.

"Farming has no option," one of them is quoted as saying at a recent event. "It will have to be sustainable, otherwise it will not be sustained."

This is why farmers in places like the Netherlands, France and Italy are roaring their tractors through the town squares and into their nations' respective capitals to throw manure at political leaders: because they recognize the threat.

What many of them do not recognize, however, is that it is not just idiocy or mental retardation driving the green agenda. It is cold-hearted, concerted genocide at play, all under the guise of "saving the world."

"Nowhere is there more incomprehensive jargon than there now is intruding into the world of farming," Coleman says. "Many farmers have been pressured into supporting the absurd re-wilding programme which is promoted with such enthusiasm by the climate change believers."

"The conspirators' plan is to reduce the amount of land available for growing food in order to create food shortages, starvation and a consequent, inevitable reduction in the size of the global population. The aim is to allow between a third and a half of all land to go wild."

Rewilding means dehumanizing

As pleasant a thought as it might be in some ways to think about the world's lands once again becoming natural at the hands of nature rather than humans, one must also recognize that in order to re-wild the planet, it must also be de-humanized.

When the greenies talk about rewilding, they do not mean just parklands, wetlands and other already mostly-natural environments. They also mean your farm, and even your house, not to mention the entirety of commerce and industry as it currently occupies the landscape.

The powers that be feel as though only they deserve to live. You and your family have to disappear so they can expand natural habitats and create a new Garden of Eden-like environment for their own pleasure and enjoyment – without you in it.

"In order to ensure that neither farmers nor members of the public encroach on land that has been set aside for rewilding (and the first re-wilding program was introduced by the European Union some years ago in a scheme which was called 'set aside') wild animals are being released," Coleman warns.

"Today, most farmers see their problems occurring as a result of stupidity, ignorance, or a failure to understand their needs. But what is happening to them is nothing to do with stupidity, ignorance or a failure to understand – it's all deliberate and quite cold-blooded. More and more European countries are now dependent on imports for most of their food and energy supplies. And most of our food will be made in factories owned by billionaires." 

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