The 8 WORST proclamations by the globalists for the brainwashed peons to worship, obey and regurgitate

Americans love a good cause to get behind and "fight" for, but at what price and is the "cause" even real? Who is checking the so-called "facts" besides the actual creators of these massive Ponzi schemes and health scams? Supposedly, if all Americans stop eating meat and quit driving gasoline-powered vehicles, the world will be saved from bursting into flames in the next 8 years, or 12 years, or some other moving target of time that suits the scammers. Don't worry about India, Pakistan and China though, because those folks are too poor to support the globalist Ponzi scheme called "global warming," or "climate change," or "give the richest people on earth all your money for something so you won't die soon."

The "Science" is always "settled" when it comes to huge scams propagated by billionaire globalists who want complete control of the world's population

Oh yes, there is no arguing, investigating or discoveries left to be made when it comes to the biggest Ponzi schemes on planet earth. If they declared the earth was flat, how many millions of Americans would put those bumper stickers on their car and march for the cause to stop people from falling off the edge? And don't go challenging the lies or you will be censored by all of social and mainstream media, including Google, YouTube, TikTok and the "nightly news."

Now the globalists and big corporations are conning the sheeple into eating bugs instead of meat, because this too will save earth from sure destruction, according to the "science" that's totally and utterly settled. Supposedly, it's all those cow farts that are trapping the sun's heat on Earth and causing all these illegal immigrants to flood into America, the only place where the weather is still tolerable for survival. According to fake news, illegal immigrants now have rights to illegally enter America because of, obviously, "climate change."

Ever since the Vietnam War, Americans are all supposed to believe that the Russians are constantly trying to invade every other nation on the planet and take over. Any time anything bad happens, you can count on the fake news to blame Russia. When Trump won again in 2020, blame Russia. When NATO's biolabs were discovered in Ukraine and the Biden Regime's money-laundering hub was revealed, it was those pesky Russians that must be stopped. Send them all U.S. taxpayer money and all U.S. military weapons to save innocent Ukraine from the big bully Russians.

Still, as the Biden Regime dismantles the Republic we love, by crippling the supply chains, printing money by the trillions yearly and disappearing it and flooding America with tens of millions of illegal immigrants, the Ponzi schemes are in full effect, garnering continued support from the brainwashed masses of Liberals and Democrats.

The 8 most absurd proclamations by the globalists that the brainwashed masses believe

#1. Co2 is causing "global warming" so humans need to stop breathing (die off) to save earth.

#2. Humans must eat bugs instead of meat in order to stop "climate change".

#3. Americans must support Ukraine and send all their hard-earned money to them, or those pesky Russians will take over the world real soon.

#4. Humans must buy electric cars because it will save the planet.

#5. America must have open borders, otherwise we are all racists who hate immigrants.

#6. All white people are born racists and must be taught that in school to realize it.

#7. Democrats in the White House now want democracy and what is best for the USA.

#8. Covid-19 mRNA vaccines were made to save the world from a "novel virus" (even though they were likely created to eliminate a few billion). 

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