Pro-Ukraine war hawk Victoria Nuland QUITS as Russia gains ground and NATO’s military efforts falter

Another Washington, D.C., deep stater is leaving her post as the war in Ukraine teeters further in the direction of a Russian victory.

U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland will be gone in just a few shorts weeks, Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced. Nuland, a widely recognized foreign policy hawk, played an instrumental role in the 2014 Western-backed coup in Ukraine that led us to the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Back in December 2013, Nuland visited Kiev with the late Sen. John McCain to hand out pastries to armed protesters in the city's central square. Just days before the coup would be finalized, Nuland was recorded discussing with then-U.S. ambassador to Kiev Geoffrey Pyatt how to "midwife this thing," further stating "f*** the EU" with regard to choosing a new leader in the war-torn country.

This is not the first time Nuland is resigning from her post, having done so during the Donald Trump years in order to take over the Center for a New American Society (CNAS), a deep state think tank. After that, Nuland joined the Albright Stonebridge Group, as well as the board of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

After Joe Biden was installed into the White House in early 2021, Nuland returned to D.C. to rejoin the State Department, only to now flee her post once again, perhaps in anticipation of a major shakeup in Washington.

Victoria Nuland, a colossal failure

Nuland's resume includes arming Ukraine in the current conflict and assembling a Western coalition to keep the weapons and cash flowing to the regime of Volodymyr Zelensky. Last month, Nuland begged Congress to send Ukraine another $61 billion in aid, arguing deceptively that most of it would be "going right back into the U.S. economy" through the creation of more jobs in the weapons industry.

During her most recent trip to Kiev, Nuland tried to intervene with Zelensky on behalf of General Valery Zaluzkny, but to no avail: Zaluzhny was fired not long after her plea.

In late February, Nuland appeared on CNN to admit defeat concerning the U.S. agenda towards Moscow. She complained that the target of her policy is "not the Russia that, frankly, we wanted."

Commenting on Nuland's soon exit, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova bitingly attributed it to "the failure of the anti-Russian course of the Biden administration."

"Russophobia, proposed by Victoria Nuland as the main foreign policy concept of the United States, is dragging the Democrats to the bottom like a stone," Zakharova added.

Hilariously, Zakharova also posted a photo online of Nuland once visiting an Orthodox church, writing directly to the failed U.S. politician that if she wants to "go to a monastery to atone for your sins, we can put in a good word."

"Nukland quit because she got an offer from Bollywood to co-star in the next shart wars remake," joked a commenter at RT about Nuland's sudden departure. "She will play the part of Jabba the Hut's mom, Slobba the Hut."

"When George Galloway recently referred to 'lipstick on a pig,' I think he had Nuland in mind," joked another.

"Judging from her boss Mr. Blinken bragging about her fine resume, Victoria Nuland seems to be an outright five-star Nazi war criminal!" said another. "I'm sure she will get a very high-ranking position anywhere in the Reich 4.0 territories."

"The wheels are coming off the Neocon's war-wagon," said someone else. "Nuland's departure indicates it's almost over and Russia will dictate terms to the Uke-Nazis." 

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