Musk Clarifies After Meeting With Trump: "I Am Not Donating To Either Candidate"

Update (1020ET): Elon Musk has quickly rebuffed the NYTimes claims that he would fund President Trump's campaign:

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As Steve Watson detailed earlier via, a report in the New York Times suggests that X owner Elon Musk secretly met with Donald Trump at Mar-A-Lago Sunday, with some sources close to Musk saying the world’s richest man has decided that Biden needs to be defeated in November.

Musk Clarifies After Meeting With Trump: "I Am Not Donating To Either Candidate"

The Times report intimates that Musk was part of a delegation of wealthy donors who visited Trump’s home in Florida as the former president looks to counter record fundraising by Biden’s campaign.

The report further notes that while Trump and Musk have not seen eye to eye in the past, it is possible that the Tesla CEO has decided Trump is the only realistic candidate that can defeat Biden come election time.

Both Trump and Musk’s private jets were spotted at the same airport in Palm Beach, Florida, on March 2, sparking off the rumours, which were then ‘confirmed’ by three separate sources, according to the Times.

Elon Musk, worth over $200 billion, could certainly single handedly provide the funding Trump needs after being dragged through courts by Democrats on what he has consistently described as a witch hunt.

Trump is believed to have raised $30 million this year so far, while Biden campaign filings show $56 million raised.

Musk has repeatedly slammed the Biden administration over mass illegal immigration, this week warning that a catastrophic event on the scale of 9/11 is likely in the works.

After it was revealed that Biden has secretly flown at least 320,000 illegal immigrants from Latin American airports to 43 U.S. cities, Musk continued his tirade Tuesday against the regime on X:

Musk also has beef with Biden over persistent government harassment concerning the business practices of X, Tesla and Starlink, and has said he will not vote for Biden:

While the meeting has not been verified as really taking place, MSNBC clowns suggested that Trump met with Musk because he is “afraid” of Biden.

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