Joe Biden's Creepy Obession With How Young People Will 'Make Love' Raises All Sorts of Questions

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Medical science teaches us that having no filter is a symptom of dementia. Guess which American politician has no filter? From telling inappropriate jokes about young girls during speeches to claiming Elton John is responsible for AIDS, Joe Biden has a knack for saying things he shouldn't.

More recently, it was revealed that the president briefs his aides on his sex life, bragging about his supposedly high libido and stating how he'd rather be at home sleeping with his wife while the "children are asleep, an oddly specific statement. That's something that would get most people fired for sexual harassment, but Biden enjoys special privileges.

To put it more succinctly, the President of the United States is a weirdo. Illustrating that, The Washington Post published a piece on Friday meant to make Biden seem empathetic and caring. Instead, it served as another marker of how creepy the guy is. 

In the early months of his presidency, as the pandemic dragged on with its stifling restrictions, President Biden often delivered a favorite monologue to aides: He was worried about young people’s mental health, he said. High school seniors were missing prom and graduation. He wanted to know how college students went on dates.

Specifically, Biden wondered how young people could “make love” under the circumstances, according to two aides who heard the president use that phrase multiple times during his first year in office. Biden’s fixation on loneliness among young people, the aides said, grew out of his near-daily conversations with his grandchildren.

Putting aside that the only reason young people had any issues with social isolation is because of Biden's COVID-era policies, a normal person would ponder the results of that without voicing repeated concerns about whether children can "make love" or not. As the article notes, this wasn't a one-time mention but was said "multiple times." What kind of person does that? Why is that where the president's mind goes? 

Making it even more odd is the claim that his "fixation" grew out of conversations with his own grandchildren. As my country grandmother used to say, "What in tarnation?" I have so many questions. So very many questions. 

Was the Post's report supposed to make Biden seem empathetic? Because if that was the goal, the journalists behind the story failed miserably. All it did was make the president seem abnormally obsessed with the physical interactions of high schoolers. 

Besides, we already know he's not an empathetic man. This is the same guy who showed up to receive the bodies of American servicemembers he got killed only to be caught checking his watch multiple times. Perhaps more infamous has been Biden's penchant for falsely telling Gold Star families that his son died in Iraq. Empathizer-in-chief he is not. 

Is it too much to ask to have a president who just acts normal? Who doesn't talk about sex to his aides, and who doesn't repeatedly think about how young people are going to "make love" after talking to his own grandchildren? Joe Biden is in the White House so I suppose it is. 

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