Elon Musk joins Trump in secret meeting to discuss defeating Biden

Billionaire electric vehicle (EV) guru Elon Musk met with Donald Trump in secret recently at the former president's Mar-a-Lago estate to discuss how to oust Joe Biden from the White House this November.

Even though the X owner says he will not donate a penny to either political candidate – Musk likes to keep his riches close to the vest – the Tesla CEO believes that Biden needs to be defeated (probably for Musk's own benefit, you can be sure).

In Musk's eyes, Trump is the only realistic candidate who stands any chance at beating Biden. This became obvious after Trump's Super Tuesday sweep, which swept away his only remaining competitor, Nikki "Nimarata Randhawa" Haley of South Carolina.

The New York Times dropped the news about Musk's secret visit to Mar-a-Lago after both billionaires' private jets were spotted at the same airport in Palm Beach, Fla., on March 2. From there, rumors swirled about what the two were up to until the meeting was later "confirmed" by three separate sources to the Times.

Will Elon help Trump?

Thus far this year, Trump is believed to have raised about $30 million for his campaign while Biden's war chest is around $56 million, according to official campaign filings.

Musk, who is said to be worth more than $200 billion, could easily furnish Trump with the cash his campaign needs, plus pay off his legal bills, but that will not happen.

On repeated occasions, Musk, who now operates his EV business in Texas, has called out the problems plaguing his new home, the biggest being mass illegal immigration. If the migrant issue is not dealt with, Musk warned that another 9/11 false flag attack will likely occur.

Musk also went on an X tirade after learning that the Biden regime has secretly flown at least 320,000 illegal aliens into the United States from Latin American countries, where they were then delivered to 43 U.S. cities.

"Treason indeed!" Musk tweeted. "Ushering in vast numbers of illegals is why Secretary Mayorkas was impeached by the House."

Musk believes that Biden is flying in all these people to add to his voter base in anticipation of another landslide election in Trump's favor.

"They are importing voters. This is why groups on the far left fight so hard to stop voter ID requirements, under the absurd guise of protecting the right to vote."

Musk is also upset at Biden over the regime's handling of Musk's questionable business practices at X, Tesla and Starlink, which prompted Musk to declare that he will not be voting for Biden in 2024.

At a recent rally in Summerville, S.C., Trump announced that, if elected, he will "terminate every open borders policy of the Biden administration and begin the largest deportation operation in American history" on his very first day.

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