Dylan Mulvaney: I Will ‘Win Back Customers’ For Bud Light With New Commercial

Trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney, whose ill-fated Bud Light commercial was responsible for costing the company more than $1 billion in lost sales, has revealed she begged them for another commercial to “win back customers.”

Despite single-handedly knocking Bud Light off the number one spot in the US beer market, Mulvaney remains convinced a new transgender-themed commercial will reinvigorate sales and promote ‘healing’ across the country.

Mulvaney told a panel discussion as the SXSW festival that she pitched an idea for a new high-budget commercial to Anheuser-Busch InBev, featuring a trans person at one end of a bar and a Western-style cowboy at the other with a Bud Light in the middle.

However, Bud Light’s parent company Anheuser-Busch InBev was not interested and the idea was rejected, Mulvaney complained during the panel discussion .

‘I thought how fun if we’d done a Western commercial, where it was a cowboy at the end of a bar and a trans person on the other (end) and there’s one beer in the center.’

Whistling a Western-style soundtrack, Mulvaney added: ‘Just because we could have a laugh and to show that as much as these are all very real world things there’s also some compassion, we all like beer. It doesn’t have to be separate.’

Mulvaney also hit out at Anheuser-Busch during the discussion, accusing Bud Light’s parent company of ‘bullying’ during the widespread backlash over its decision to hire her to promote the brand and said that after the Bud Light backlash ‘certain brands didn’t even continue speaking with me’.

Mulvaney said: ‘I could have been so integral to the solutions but they continued – I think of it like a parent, the parent doesn’t put a stop to something then they bullying can continue. These brands need to step up and let people know it’s not okay’.

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga and Dylan Mulvaney teamed up to celebrate International Women’s Day, with Gaga saying “Put this on your vision board, world.”

(Article by Baxter Dmitry republished from thepeoplesvoice.tv)

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