Dr. Fuellmich provides insightful updates about his trial and arrest

One of the key leaders in the "Second Nuremberg" project aiming to hold the purveyors of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) "pandemic" accountable for their crimes against humanity, German lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, who was arrested in retaliation and is now being tried, has shared an update about his trial.

Dr. Fuellmich, who currently sits in a Göttingen jail for accusations of embezzlement, has thus far attended five trial days. Citizen journalist Daniela Goeken, who was present for all five trial days, reports that Dr. Fuellmich's arrest was a "conspiracy, a concerted action by many people to condemn him to inactivity." Dr. Fuellmich's Corona Committee colleagues engaged in a "manhunt" against him, conspiring with the prosecution to execute his arrest.

"They did not shy away from luring him somewhere, setting traps for him, inviting him to events just to get the opportunity to intercept him," Goeken says. "Because apparently it was not possible to arrest the accused legally, as he was in a non-European country and there was no international criminal warrant.

"How can this kind of 'manhunt' happen in a civilized country like Germany? Why are complainants, who are actually quite normal citizens, allowed to actively help arrest and imprison the person they have reported?" she adds, noting that Dr. Fuellmich is not a criminal, and that this is a civil matter – so why the manhunt?

Pre-crime witch hunt

Concerning the trial, the "crime" Dr. Fuellmich is accused of committing is easily remediated. He says he can pay back what he borrowed from the Corona Committee's account once his property has been sold.

It was also revealed that the criminal complaint filed against Dr. Fuellmich was signed on Sept. 2, 2022, before any alleged "crime" was even committed. How can this happen? And more importantly, has this type of thing ever happened before?

When Dr. Fuellmich's house was sold, he was not even allowed to repay what he borrowed because somehow the complainants managed to have the money "transferred to one of their own accounts," Goeken explains.

"Imagine that for a moment, people file a criminal complaint 'as a precaution' and then themselves ensure that the accused has no choice but to actually commit the 'crime,'" she adds. "Is this even about money, or is there something completely different behind it?"

One of the complainants, Viviane Fischer, gave confusing testimony for almost two complete days of the trial, suggesting that Dr. Fuellmich stole the money, but was unable to repay it because the proceeds from the sale of his home were stolen by Fischer and the other complainants.

On the fourth and fifth days of the trial, Fischer made wild accusations against Dr. Fuellmich concerning what he did with the money, failing to accurately explain that it was initially taken to keep it protected from state seizure. In the process, Fischer made herself look bad after a chat history was shown on a screen in which Dr. Fuellmich asked Fischer about her portion of the safekeeping money, which she admitted was "already gone."

"It almost looks like you've used up this money?" the judge then asked Fischer, to which she responded with various excuses.

"We are faced with a puzzle," Goeken explains about how the case against Dr. Fuellmich started to fall apart around this time in the trial proceedings. "But what we can see is that it is a conspiracy. It is a concerted action by many people that has ultimately led to the most active member of a small community of truth-seekers ... now being condemned to absolute inactivity and completely powerless in a high-security prison and being treated like a serious criminal."

Goeken's full update of the trial is available at Truth Summit

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