Chinese Gov’t Orders Destruction of ALL COVID Data

The Chinese government has demanded a nationwide purge of all COVID-19 data within its healthcare system in order to erase any incriminating evidence that proves the pandemic was bioengineered.

A source from Changsha, Hunan, who goes by “Mr. Chen” told the Epoch Times that a senior hospital official disclosed that information to him.

“He told me directly: the government is instructing health departments across the country to eradicate all COVID-19-related data, including information on the entire epidemic prevention process and vaccination records. They must obliterate all data without leaving a trace, and computer records must be deleted entirely,” said Mr. Chen. reports: Chen said the directive extends to the entire nation, including vaccine and anything the government considers embarrassing related to its epidemic prevention measures.

“No data can be spared, neither on paper nor on computers. Records of vaccine administration are to be expunged, as well as records of nucleic acid testing and any embarrassing incidents that occurred during the entire epidemic prevention process,” he said.

The CCP’s goal is to purge the COVID chapter of China’s history from the record books to prevent future generations from learning of what it considers to be a massive government failure.

From the Epoch Times:

After the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) pursued a “zero-COVID” approach, implementing extreme pandemic control measures. However, these measures resulted in frequent secondary disasters, fueling escalating public discontent and anger.

By the latter half of 2022, the “White Paper Movement“ swept across the nation, with street protests erupting in various locations. Before the CCP’s 20th National Congress, banners appeared on Beijing’s Sitong Bridge, demanding an end to the zero-COVID policy and calling for the downfall of Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

In late 2022, the CCP unexpectedly lifted lockdown restrictions which exposed the severity of the pandemic under lockdown. Immediately, both infected individuals and dead bodies flooded the hospitals across the country.

Chen says the problem continues because COVID cases and pneumonia are exploding across Communist China.

“Currently, hospitals are filled with many elderly and children, and the hospital business remains thriving. The situation is particularly tense in well-facilitated hospitals, where ordinary citizens typically cannot gain admission.”

According to Chen, many Chinese citizens believe these emerging cases are connected to the COVID vaccine.

“After vaccination, many of us felt physically unwell for about a week, experiencing considerable discomfort,” he said. “Some individuals who sought medical attention subsequently discovered nodules in their lungs. It’s a common scenario for individuals who were previously healthy before vaccination. However, most people refrain from openly discussing these issues because they lack concrete evidence to attribute them to the vaccine.”

Chen also claimed that the CCP is worried that a new wave of COVID deaths due to the vaccine could come in the future and is preparing excuses for such a time.

“The COVID-19 pandemic and its vaccine have already resulted in a considerable number of deaths among the elderly. If there is another large-scale death in ten years, the government will attribute it to other causes, rather than the COVID-19 vaccine.”

“I personally believe that the vaccines we have received are counterfeit and come with adverse effects,” he added.

China’s whitewashing and suppression of history is a feature of its communist character, evidenced by its Great Firewall that censors anything on the internet not deemed appropriate by the CCP.

The CCP has also gone to great lengths to cover up the atrocities of Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution and Great Leap Forward, most recently on its 100th anniversary.

“What they’re doing is to control every Chinese person’s thinking and erase every person’s history,” pro-democracy protester Dong Zehua told the LA Times in 2021.“They want to write history themselves.”

The CCP’s lies and crimes against humanity, most recently its release of COVID-19 upon the world, must not be allowed to be purged into the dustbin of history.

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