Caral is a pyramid city in Peru

Caral is not just an ancient city, it is a window into the oldest known civilization in the Americas. Located in the Supe Valley in coastal Peru, Caral predates other known civilizations such as the Incas and even the Egyptians.

Caral is located about 200 kilometers north of Lima, Peru. It covers an area of about 66 hectares and is characterized by its desert dry terrain and the surrounding green Supe Valley.

Caral is home to six large pyramidal structures, each with its own unique features and dimensions. The largest of these is the Great Pyramid, which covers an area equivalent to four soccer fields.

The pyramids were built using a technique called shikra, where stones were placed in mesh bags and then stacked in layers. The architectural craftsmanship demonstrated in these Peruvian pyramids indicates the high level of development of the Norte Chico civilization.

Several significant artifacts have been found at Caral, including knotted textiles, large fishing nets, and even flutes made from animal bones. These artifacts provide valuable insights into the social and cultural aspects of Caral society. The lack of weapons among the artifacts suggests that Caral was a peaceful society focused more on trade and agriculture.

Caral was a thriving metropolis with a fully developed socio-political state. The city was well planned, with residential complexes and an administrative center. The society was most likely governed by a centralized authority and traded with neighboring regions. The city plan and its spatial components reflect a high level of urban planning and social organization.

Compared to other ancient civilizations such as Egypt and Mesopotamia, Caral stands out for its age and level of development. Radiocarbon analysis has confirmed that Caral is about 5,000 years old, making it one of the oldest urban centers in the world. The city's monumental architecture and social organization put it on par with other great civilizations of antiquity.

Caral is not just an archaeological site, it is a testament to the human ingenuity and capabilities of ancient civilizations. The pyramids of Caral in Peru, the artifacts and well-planned urban settlements all point to a society that was far ahead of its time.

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